Hot Wasp Sauce

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Hot Wasp Sauce
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Voice of the Whirlwind
Ty Vallynn


The group needs Wasp Insect Spirit venom for Chet. The crew agree, break in stealthy, bash in the rest of the doors, fight a crab tank, and escape. Oh ya, pretty sure by the end Chet wants the venom so he can turn people into wasps.


The Meet

Chet meets us and tells us he wants wasp venom. From the recently deceased Ares Insect Spirits. To make hot sauce. Why didn't we question this?

The Plan

Plant records of a shipping order, disguise friendly vic, enter quietly (8133D3R) will GiGo, and if caught 8133D3R jams using a Sprite and the team goes loud.

The Run

8133D3R does a bunch of matrix stuff, the highlights being; getting security information, planting a false shipping schedule,a nd bricking a security spider without landing a single attack. Ty and Whirlwind succesfuly get past the front gate but have to immediately go loud when inside. The combat was relatively quick. The get the venom, being warned it could infest people, and on their way back have an epic duel with a crab tank.


We give Chet the venom then decide to post about how other runners should deal with it, without giving out our names. We collect our pay and hope.


36k nuyen - 18 RVP

14 karma - 14 RVP

4 CDP - 1 RVP

The Knowledge That You Have Done Something Terrible


Whirlwind: Sharpshooter (WotS) for -10 RVP

8133D3R: Better On The Net (Sleaze) for -9 RVP, Tough As Nails for -5 RVP

Ty: Shoot First Don't Ask for -2 RVP, Daredevil for -6 RVP, Tough As Nails for -5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Voice of the Whirlwind

Ahh, fuck. This can't end well... anyways, we got the goods and got paid, though apparently using wasp venom as a condiment can have some... unfortunate effects. Crap.