Renton Prison Break

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Renton Prison Break
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes
Crazy Hoof


In the aftermath of a failed protest being broken up by Knight Errant improperly, Runners are hired by a local group of good-dooers to free the wrongfully imprisoned, when stealth and subterfuge fail, the group whip out the big guns and bring the fight to the Knights.


The Meet

The meet was rather simple, old, rundown bar in the middle of nowhere, while it was closed, the runners were still quietly ushered inside by the Johnson, who immediately threw the runners off by using his real name, Brynn Stevenson, he explained that he represented a group who were interested in righting the wrongs committed by the knight errant during a recent protest. According to Brynn, the prisoners in particular were taken into custody by knight errant in order to keep them quiet, with a levy of unfounded charges layered onto them to keep them in. The job was simple, get in, get the prisoners out, drop them off somewhere safe, collateral damage was of no worry either, so the runners could operate with impunity. After some talks about payment, which wouldn't be much for this charitable deed, the runners still accepted, making their way for the van to get their plan in action.

The Plan

The moment the runners got to the van, the deckers got to work, with Scarlet King leading the way, they broke into the KE host and started scanning around for information, prisoner lists, itineraries, and a staffing list. Just as the pair got finished nabbing the last file, M3chan1c was spotted by one of the patrol IC's and dropped out quickly, leaving Scarlet hidden for long enough to vandalize the staffing list, plant a data bomb for a nice distraction, and fry a few security countermeasures before joining the runners back in the van. From the lists they retrieved, the runners decided that the best time to strike was shortly before the prisoners were transferred, when security was at its lowest, additionally, from the inmate list, there just so happened to be a pair of suspected Mafia members in the slammer at the time, requiring a few more pickups according to M3chan1c and Godai. Calling a contact or two, M3chan1c was able to grab and tune up and old junker from (contact) to use as a second, low profile escape vehicle. As the group gathered up by the station, Godai went ahead to scout the location with M3chan1c's crawler drone in his bag and Crazy Hoof holding back in case things got hot.

The Run

Unfortunately, what the runners on site didn't know was that they had already been spotted by a mage's scan the moment they stepped onto the property. As Godai dropped in through a skylight, he immediately had to duck for cover thanks to a flurry of shots from the knight errant officers lying in ambush. At the same time, shots and some thrown needles started to whizz off towards Crazy Hoof from the station as a squad of officers poured out from the main entrance. Hoof started to do what they did best, charging and getting into melee quickly with the attackers, though, a pair of adepts, and an annoying mage worked in sync to whittle him down over time. Inside, Godai attempted to brawl with the ambush party as Mechan1c's drone started to lay out suppressing fire over the attackers, though, he soon realized he had to cut his losses, taking a rough fall off the balcony onto the first floor, he drove into a room to gather himself once again, of course, as he did this, he was startled by the very mage Hoof was struggling with, who just so happened to have a power bolt ready to knock the Sam on his ass. Not looking to be outdone, Godai sprang up as the mage tried to flee, drawing his sword and decapitating then before they could even reach the door, clearing the larger threat up from Hoof. Of course, there was still the problem of a pair of adepts and a 6 man team of beat cops firing on him, which was soon mitigated by M3chan1c's Steel Lynx pulling up to the scene, after taking cover, it began to lay down suppressive fire, stifling the officers and turning their attention to the metal-blasting drone across the street. With room to breathe, Hoof let his axe fly, finally decimating the pair of adepts that had been pestering him from the beginning. As this was happening, the indoor officers began their assault on the room the Sam had holed up in, sending them into a corner as he was charged. Meanwhile outside, several officers had refocused their attention on the screaming Minotaur with an axe, using combined movement and grenades to try and whittle him down, the trick worked once, though, as Scarlet King gave out a rallying cry over the DNI, Hoof raised his axe, bellowing as he swung it around himself in a circle, cleaving each of the crafty officers in two with a mighty slash before they could even pull their pins, or flee for that matter. With the outside clear, Hoof sprinted for the building with no hesitation, smashing through the wall to Godai's room and trampling the poor, unsuspecting officer on the other side, with the other soon following as the group cleaned out the rest of the hostiles in the area. Grabbing the keys off of the guards, Godai and Hoof went off to rescue the protestors, with a pair of restraints clinking off of Godai's belt for the mafia members. As M3chan1c pulled around with the cars, the protestors and captives were loaded up, though, one refused to leave, a strange mage wrapped in a cloak of rat pelts, M3chan1c encouraged the others to share some of their 'performance enhancers' with him, dubbed the gentlemen "the Rat King" later "the Rat Emperor" then explained that the station was now his castle to defend, in response, the area was quickly flooded with a storm of rats as the runners sped off at top speed.


The group separated quickly after the raid, only to meet up again for the drop off after the Junker van broke down on the highway and needed rescue. The drop off was short and sweet, payment was exchanged and the runner split up. Save for two, M3chan1c and Godai drove off to a secluded area to interrogate the mafia captives, who were surprisingly forthcoming with the information, thankful to be freed, with his search narrowed, M3chan1c let them out of the car and told them he'd have a taxi pick them up, they turned to leave, just in time for the drone pod on the back end to slowly pry open.


+5 Streets of Renton Rep

-10 Knight Errant Rep

12 karma - 12 RVP

4k nuyen - 2 RVP

12 CDP - 6 RVP



Everyone: Brynn Stevenson Connection 4 Fixer at Loyalty 3 for -6 RVP

Godai: Agile Defender for -3 Karma

Janet Cairo: Perfect Time for -5 Karma

Janet and M3chan1c: Ascension Rewards (5x selections) for -5 RVP from the grateful civilians you rescued

Game Quotes

The Scarlet King adjusts the ARO on Crazy Hoof's commlink for everyone's HUD to showcase a waypoint right above his head. It's titled "Stupid Idiot"

M3chan1c: "Guys, this is why we have Meth!"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

Ah the sensible use of grenades is simply not to be underestimated when the opponent has numerical superiority. Fortunately, Godai took care of the annoying mage. What is it with these throwing needles? All the time I run into people throwing them at me. No plan for that should be good.

M3chan1c: "I don't even think I killed any of the KE guys during this run, just made a distraction to let the others do their thing.. as for after the run though, hell, I don't know, I thought that when I started all this, I'd get back, off the Mafia assholes, just settle down and feel like I ended the day right, ya know? This time though? I don't know, somethin' just felt wrong with that, even if they took everything from me, damnit, these were the kinda things Iz would talk me though, just gotta keep pushing, I'll find her.