Aggressive autopsy

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Aggressive autopsy
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes


Johnson is in the market for something more exotic, previously terminated corpses of some particularly interesting subjects, as they are slated for incineration, timeliness is key. With a small group of runners and some clever social Infiltration, the job is as good as done.


The Meet

The party met up at an office building, not surprisingly, the staff quickly spotted the odd runners out and shooed them off to meet up with Mr. Johnson, it was a short and sweet meeting, there were two objectives to complete for this job, retrieve a set of 'unique' bodies that happen to be residing in a hospital before they can be cremated. The second would involve the data collected on those particular bodies, valuable research data that would be rather helpful to Johnson's personal endeavors, after a few attempts at negotiation for a better price in exchange for more bodies collected, the group decided to cut their losses and get on the road before they lost their mark.

The Plan

Gathering up into M3chan1c's Roadmaster, the deckers quickly got to work digging up dirt on their target, after getting confirmation of the location of the bodies, and the discovery of an offline host holding the data, they turned their attention on another piece of information they gathered, a company slated to handle corpse disposal. With all of the members bumped into this company's payroll, and some disguise work from Prince, they were ready for their infiltration, robbing them blind while looking them straight in the eyes.

The Run

After some argument, and a threat from System Shock, it was decided that the uncooperative decker would break into the offline host through a datatap placed by Bannerette, the sneakier member of the infiltration group. They had a few close calls with the fake SINs Johnson had bought for then, though, some fast talking from Prince saw them through with nobody the wiser. Bannerette quickly separated from the group and assumed the role of a mechanic doing some server maintenance and easily slipped past the guard, far more distracted by some 'private' trids he was shamelessly watching on duty. Unguarded, the tap and hack were utterly trivial. And just like that, the rest of the team lead Bulldozer to the morgue to do the heavy lifting for the squad, as they stepped back into the roadmaster, they made their way back to the Johnson with nobody the wiser to their heist.


The group promptly returned to Johnson at a secluded location after changing back into their runner equipment, with a few short words between the groups credsticks, datachips, and bodies passed between them and they went their separate ways.


Rewards for 'Aggressive Autopsy':

20k Nuyen (10 RVP)

10 Karma (10 RVP)


Optional, taking from the above rewards:

Alfred Bester (C6/L1) (6 RVP)

Analytic Mind for the Mechanic and SystemShock (5 RVP)

Cycnic for Prince (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

"You know this magical shit has no Jesus in it."

To Bulldozer: Congratulations! You have now been promoted to Forklift

"Bulldozer is our Liftitaur"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "always like these kinds of jobs, buncha' smart runners get together, put up a plan, and we get in and out clean, honestly ain't even worried about leaving the cameras on in there, according to all records except our own, we were just some schmucks working for some other schmucks, honestly wonder if we'll get paid by that contracting firm for the job while we're at it, that'd be a treat."