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Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - E
Number of Runs:6
Runs since Rent:2

Character Information


Dabble in the ways of the Sourcerer, fling some good and big CF´s on some good and well marked fools


  • Get out of this hellhole, i mean... Puyallup flat.
  • Care for Ridley
  • Style on the Matrix


The Orphanage

Lance´s earliest memories are those of rusted metal, old bedsheets and a heavy scent of wood. Apparenlty he was found on the doorstep of one of Redmonds orphanages, in a woven basket, with a short letter attached. His parents, apparently supersticious, dropped him off cause one random street sage made a prophecy about his future ablities being the downfall of him and his surroundings. With a good heart he was taken in and as best as possible cared for. Throughout his childhood the letter was held in secret, however Lance, more so than the other kids found himself in some neatly white rooms with kind but stern doctors who told him that they were testing if he had any severe illnesses. This made Lance grew cautious, he had learned that there are some very deadly illnesses around and he surely didnt wanted to be the cause of any deaths, not his friends and other children in the orphanage, nor the lovely caretakers. Thus he started to live by himself and grew more and more introvert. Finally, as Lance had been in his room for several days straight refusing to leave after yet another test after which he could see the doctor leave with a worried expression, the caretakers came clean and told him about the circumstances. Which did not help very much. By then he was 16, he had figured out that these test were not for any illnesses. It must have been tests to see if he was awakened. It had hapened to other kids before, usually a day for celebration of those powers, so why was his situation so different? Shouldnt the doctor be happy?

After a particularily stressful night of tears and pondering Lance woke up to a whole new world. And it surprised him. He could have sworn to have put down the old and worn VR glasses yesterday yet without anything he could see all the icons around him. Excited he rushed to tell Lizzy, an elderly caretaker who was doing the morning routine about this. However he could see the wise smile fade ever so slightly the longer he babbled along and finally he stopped. "Son, listen here, and listen well." he never heard Lizzy being this worried or stern, it shocked him. "In the next doctor visit, you do NOT mention this allright? If you do you will be taken away and you will never see any light of day again. Trust me and wait for my messages. Now go, do not tell anyone about this!"

Puzzled Lance continued as ordered. The next visit was in just about 3 months, shortly after his 18th birthday. Every day till then he kept silent, carefull not to talk about what he could see and do. During the night however curiousity always got the better of him and he drifted off into the Matrix, a world that more and more became his home. And this way he also learned about what was going on with him. By the time the last doctors visit came around he knew pretty well about Technomancy and his abilities. He kept quiet throughout the examination and did not showed any signs of powers. After he got back from the visit, he got a big party, since no one adopted him and he was now 18 years of age he could go wherever he wanted.

Quite unsure about his future, Lizzy found him in his room pondering, staring at the commlink he got as present. "Hey Lance, i" ,a short pause where she looked left and right "i found you an opportunity for work and someone who could take you in. However..." Lance was quick to cut her off. Of course he would like to be taken in, escape all this, no hard feelings for the orphanage, the kids and the caretakers, actuallly he felt sad about leaving them, but any opportunity to escape he would take. Thus he ended up working for Granny Tusk and eventually got himself an own apartment. Currently he is also taking care of Ridley, a kid from Granny´s nursery.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Go Big or Go Home: ya cant do stuff if ya didnt have the marks. So get all the marks or stop being on the grid


Dependent(Inconvenience): Not actually an Inconvenience, Lance looks over one of Granny tusks kids, Ridley Down the rabbit hole (2): There is so much information out there, there is use in everything. even cat-trids.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Identifying Emerging Threatsjit25 November 2084
Beneath the Silver MoonSarcarian23 January 2084
You Saw NothingEdward11 December 2083
Aggressive autopsyEdward20 August 2083
Prepackaged Mindless High-Impact Violence, and Preventing ItIsaacLight in the Shadows16 August 2083
Munitions MisplacementEdward1 August 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Granny Tusk 2 4 Fixer(A,K,G,N) Babysitter/Bodyguard Don't Lay a Fragging Finger on Them!, Army of Grandkids, You're all kids to me, Dearie Even
Bagrak 1 3 Service Doctor Street Doc, Awakened Medicine Even
Hanz "Schnellman" Beck 2 3 Service Taxi driver ex Saeder Krupp, Neutrality, Multilingual Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Information about an old PC game (and possibly newer versions)
3 There are some interesting posts about Technomancy in some shady hosts by a user named SystemShock
6 Long time small scale crime Techno, recently got moved up the carreer-ladder.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Sounds like a decker no? Im sure they are Matrix specialist
3 Yea, yea some small time Hacker.
5 Ah, you mean the Techno that is starting out as a Runner.


Reed Richards (R4,UCAS, Fake) LIcense: Matrix Expert/Software engineer


Not the tallest, Lance gives off those classic Nerd vibes. Still sturdy enough, the most rememerable about him are probably his dyed hair, atomic blonde, big cups over his ears, headphones with stylised but useless antennas attached as well as a pair of goggles with a liftable sunscreen. Usually this style is accompanied by a pair of shorts and a hawaii shirt or any other cheap but colorfull piece of cloth there is around. Well rounded with some beat up sneakers, the physical presence isnt much to behold.


see above

Matrix Persona

Lance´s Living Persona resembles some sort of Radio Operator, heavily inspired by both 1945 and 1960 Communication Officers, rocking an olive green overall and combat boots, carrying a Radio Backpack with an antenna which has stylised handdrawn radiowaves coming from it. The persona also sports a pair of Headphones with a little satellite dish spinning on one side. His marks are notations of Radiowave frequencies for example "107.9 MHz" or "29.3 GHz" Talking to him while on the grid also sounds like they are communicating through some kind of Walkie-Talkie, rather old-school Radio Transmission like. While performing Resonance actions the dish and the antenna radiowaves change shape and form according to what action is performed. Sprites usually appear as other Radio Operators with looks according to their type.

Media Mentions

none yet

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