Prepackaged Mindless High-Impact Violence, and Preventing It

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Prepackaged Mindless High-Impact Violence, and Preventing It
Part of Light in the Shadows
LocationSeattle, UCAS
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Reuben Baxter
Humanis-friendly KE
Heart of the Tempest
A bunch of Humanis affiliated KE officers
Casualties and losses
Some Humanis affiliated KE officers


Mysterious riot police wearing Redmond KE uniforms kept showing up to disperse protests, but didnt seem to actually be official police


A group of KE officers with a line of thinking appropriate for Humanis grouped up to impersonate some redmond riot police to beat up ork and troll protestors.

The Meet

The group arrived to the meet with the J, Reuben Baxter, all on time. The meeting was brief, and the J laid out the issue. Apparently he had previously hired some deckers to figure out what was going on with these riot police, but they didnt match the database of active redmond officers. Which meant, for whatever reason, that they were impersonating the officers to attack protestors. The job was to find out who they were and why they were doing it, and then to stop them if possible.

The Plan

The first step was to collect enough information to figure out who these guys were, and then potentially ambush them to collect even more info.

The Run

The team split up to hunt for clues, with System Shock pulling matrix legwork duty, Tempest pulling social legwork duty, and Bannerette pulling physical recon duty. In order to get a little extra footage, Bannerette got in touch with an old roommate of Sunglasses who happened to be a technician in a good spot for a little "charity work". System Shock managed to parse together all the metadata and other bits of intel the team had collected, with a little help from Tempest, and tracked down the vehicles the fake riot police were using to transport themselves. Apparently, the vehicles had chameleon coating, and were changing to suit which district of police they were supposed to belong to, and then coming from/returning to a non-descript parking garage. Bannerette snuck inside, and ripped the brakes out of the vehicles using some of her knowledge of military vehicles to help her out. She staked out the location for a while, taking a little nap to recover from the crash effects of little smoke, while the rest of the team slowly came to join. At the hour of truth, when the next protest was about to start, the Ares Roadmasters immediately ended up in a crash. The team left the group to emergency services, but abducted one who was unconscious for interrogation. Lacking magical means, they resorted to some old fashioned methods of information extraction, and reported their findings to the J.


Several of the offending officers likely dead in the crash, surviving members most likely seriously reprimanded or worse, abducted intergatee essence drained by Tempest, and the Mothers of Metahumans are informed that the District of Renton has no qualms about employing Humanis-friendly Knight Errant.


  • 20,000 nuyen (10 RVP)
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 Mothers of Metahumans rep


  • May take Reuben Baxter (Connection 6) at Loyalty 2 in exchange for 7 RVP of stuff
  • Bannerette may take Kurt the Camera Tech (Connection 2) at Loyalty 2 in exchange for 3 RVP of stuff

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Okay, well that wasnt so bad. Though to be honest, I was lukewarm on the idea to begin with, I'm glad I got to take a swing at those humanis types. A proverbial swing, anyway. Maybe I should feel bad about how that one we interrogated ended up, or what we did to him, but that's the job. Seen worse, done worse, and he definitely deserved it. At least the meta-hate I occasionally got in the marines was friendly banter and ball-busting, these guys are just violent assholes. Anyway, job well done, me.

Heart of the Tempest

I actually had a talky job, nice to know I can still wield Loki's power as well as Thor's. We tracked those Humanis bastards down, Bannerette got them into a vehicle crash, and then we grabbed one, found out what he knew, then mmmm, meta-hating bastards taste sooo good.