Munitions Misplacement

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Munitions Misplacement
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven UCAS Military
UCAS Military Personnel
Casualties and losses
None Lost some material


An officer in the UCAS Military hired runners to pretend to be officers in the UCAS military to steal material from the UCAS military at a ball for officers in the UCAS military.


Elizabeth Babbage is selling military hardware on the side for profit, and found an opportunity she needs runners to take advantage of.

The Meet

The group met in a coffee shop, with varying modes of dress. Highlander led a negotiation for more pay against the inexperienced Mrs. J, and managed to get her to pay for the fake SINs they would need to infiltrate the UCAS Officer Ball. She also was convinced to increase her initial offer by 4,000 nuyen. She made a stipulation that nobody with the UCAS military should be harmed in the course of the mission, as well.

The Plan

The plan had multiple stages, the first being groundwork. Acquiring SINs, information (which mostly came from the J), and building disguises. From there, the infiltration would begin with the team (disguised as officers) getting into the ball and identifying a suitable target for the remaining stages of the plan. This person would be largely isolated from the crowd, lower in rank the teams (fake) highest rank, and willing to drink during a "friendly" conversation. In stage 3, the team would use this person's commlink (handed over willingly) to gain access to two separate hosts (the first host, for the camera system, and the second for the database records they were targeting). The next stage, after cameras were disabled through the aforementioned commlink, would be to gain access to the "air-gapped database backup", or in other words a handful of data chips in a drawer. Once that data was altered, the final stage would be to corrupt the data on the host, prompting a restoration from backup of the now altered data. This would make it seem as though the data had always been that way, and the team could make an unexciting exit.

The Run

Things went mostly to plan. The team was able to enter with no problem, and managed to identify a suitable target. System Shock feigned illness, which allowed highlander to lead the target away from the party towards the bathrooms, and then convinced him to give over his commlink to make a call. The targeted officer was then convinced to be on his way, leaving the team able to manipulate things through his commlink. With such matrix access, system shock was able to disable the cameras, and the remaining team members managed to make their way to the offline backup. After nearly getting caught in a lie a few times, the team managed to edit the data in the backup. From there, System Shock was further able to corrupt the database on the host, prompting a restore from backup. Their exit was uneventful, aside from system shock being paralyzed through most of it due to drugs.


The data was altered with no indication anyone knows what happened, Tir Na Nog gains a lot of intelligence on the UCAS Military in seattle, and everyone is happy and paid.


Rewards for 'Munitions Misplacement':
30k Nuyen, or twice in weapons, explosives, armour, military vehicles, etc. (15 RVP)
Also R6 fake SINs, plus appropriate licenses, for military personnel.
2 Karma, or 4k bonus to the above (2 RVP)
3 Karma (3 RVP)


Optional, taking from the above rewards:
Elizabeth Babbage (C4/L2) (5 RVP)
Honest Face for Highlander (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, it was no easy feat, but it seems like we managed to fool the... I guess they aren't called Americans anymore, huh? Well, we fooled them no matter what they call themselves now, and we got paid. I also got some high praise for how much information I managed to get my hands on through the course of this operation. All in all, a total win for me.


Hell yea, wiz biz, first job and i get to scam the military out of some nice loot. The Cash is big, my head as well, not only because i bashed it digataly on files. But it all went smooth and we got out without any complications. Finally i can start saving up for a better life. hella nice


Welp, can't say that this wasn't tense. Still, we've managed to get away with it. Got one of those Barrets now, too.


Clean operation like most of the time...Ammo and weapons as a payment always a good thing to have.