You Saw Nothing

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You Saw Nothing
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven UCAS Military
The Rebel
Lt. Ash Lopez
Their Commlink
Base Security
Casualties and losses
None; Booya!


Canis, SystemShock, and Almutamarid all set on a plan that's a mixture of social and physical infiltration, with SyStemShock watching for alarms and other matrix problems. Social doesn't go so well. The breaking into the dude's bunk and hacking his offline commlink goes swimmingly.


Lt. Ash Lopez is starting to catch on to black market operations through the base they're stationed at. They can not be allowed to spill the beans and a message must be sent. Preferably non-lethally.

The Meet

A bit of ass kissing, a bit of shmoozing, a bit of agreement to get paid to be subtle. Perfect for the team.

The Plan

Find their routine, try to talk them into staying off base for a time, break into their bunk, destroy data, and egress. Profit.

The Run

Thanks to some wiz hacking and general intelligence we get their routine, which is quite consistent. The party chooses The Rebel to talk up so Canis can run back-up. Showing up at the soldier's usual watering hole they try to chat them up so they can trick them into getting blackout drunk. The attempt fails quickly but not horribly. Need to work on those social skills now that you're in 'MURICA. After that failure Almutamarid sneaks onto the base with SystemShock watching for alarms. They are equipped with a wireless device that allows SystemShock to hack into the commlink or terminal should it be offline. Breaking the lock on the door was easy, hacking into the 'link was slightly harder. Well, took slightly longer than hoped. Nobody important notices. He sneaks out and boom, mission accomplished.



16k Nuyen (8 RVP) or twice in armour/weapons/military gear up to avail 19 6 Karma (6 RVP)


Optional, taking from above rewards: Elizabeth Babbage (C4/L2) (5 RVP) Catlike for The Rebel (7 RVP) Better on the Net (DP) (9 RVP)

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