The Hunger of Flesh

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The Hunger of Flesh
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes
King Louie
Ty Vallynn


Hot on the trail of a orc-kidnapping wendigo, a bartender sends a group of runners over the border to bring the kid home.


The Meet

The meet was held in a bar, with Johnson being the bartender. Apparently an orc youth had been kidnapped recently, with the culprit being an apparent cult across the border. According to some information, it appeared that a wendigo was involved, as such, the group had aught to be careful on their little 'vacation.'

The Plan

As the run was set to take place across the border, the runners had to find their own ways of getting across. With a helicopter provided by a contact, most of the runners simply took the airways across, not having to deal with the border and smuggling their equipment into the UCAS. Of course, with his vehicle being far too large to transport via Helicopter, M3chan1c decided to stow his illegal equipment and take his roadmaster across, just a simple SIN scan and he was home free! Well, save for his fake SIN burning in the reader, with a frantic quick-hack saving him from an impromptu firing squad as he sped off to meet with the airborne party members.

Arriving in town, Ty purchased a hotel room for the runners to share for the night, letting the runners settle down for the night, and pester M3chan1c about his misfortune along the way before suggesting a quick drone recon of the ranch they were meant to hit, gladly agreeing to the sentiment, the rigger dumped out a bag of drones to shoot off to the somewhat remote location.

Looking over the location, the group was able to point out a number of guards with the logo of a local security firm, along with a couple of combat drones patrolling the area, complemented by recon drones milling about in the air. Following a bit of a discussion about potential plans, one primarily being that the enemy Rigger would need to be taken out before starting the main fight, though, from what little they could see, Lumina brought up that they would mostly be flying blind out here. Taking the statement to heart, Ty joined in the scouting by astrally projecting himself over towards the ranch, almost immediately drawing the attention of the twin Earth Spirits patrolling the location, causing him to retreat after getting some information about the magical prowess of the inhabitants of the compound. Following up, M3chan1c poked around the Matrix in order to find how they could cancel-out the drone defenses of the location, additionally finding access to the camera network and main-gate controls.

After running to grab some equipment from the gun store in the morning, the group made their way for the Ranch, aiming to reach the location at about High-noon. Before they got there, they spotted a van, driven by an elf, loaded with a sack of what was assumed to be vegetables, sending off a pair of drones to follow the van, they watched them run a rather simple delivery to a local deli, 'Good and Fresh.' As the group made their way to the location, M3chan1c dropped into the matrix to disable their electronic defenses prior to their assault, defusing a databomb on their drone controls, installed by a pesky spider after last night's exploits, he quickly switched the drones into patrol mode, locking them to this command until told otherwise, neutralizing their threat before slapping a massive databomb of his own back onto the file out of pure spite for the other matrix denizen. As the ranch came into sight, M3chan1c botched an attempt to take out the main gate, and the cameras with his hacking, though, with a notification on his cyberdeck, he gladly informed the party that the Spider was no longer an issue, and switched the targeting systems of the Ranch's drones to target the security contractors as they blasted their way in.

The Run

As the group entered, they quickly fired off a volley of shots, immediately downing two of the security personnel who approached, as well as somewhat stunning the elf who had been out on a delivery earlier in the day. In retaliation, the duo of earth spirits began hurling rocks towards the party, with the Wendigo rearing its ugly head to blast Louie with a powerbolt, staggering them under the weight of the massive rifle. Seeing an opening, Lumina dashed between the defeated guards, leaping into the air with her spurs, plunging them deep into one of the slowly shambling earth elementals, ripping its core out with an excellent attack as the entity fell to pieces. Leaping past M3chan1c's hail of bullets, Ty pounced on the Elf, calling upon a service of his air spirit, overwhelming the foe with astral force, sending them immediately down into the ground, completely unconscious in an instant. Though, as Ty was left in the open, the Wendigo turned his way, firing off a manabolt, which the mage was able to barely deflect as tumbled onto the ground, back into a fighting stance. With another opening, Louie took his opportunity, sending a Gauss rifle round straight into its heart, giving it a split second to shriek before the creature's insides reacted to the shot, its chest cavity exploding in gore, instantly snuffing it out of existence. With no allies, and no more master to obey, the other earth spirit fled, leaving the runners to have the go of the place.


Running through the compound, Lumina grabbed the kidnapped orc and made their way to the van, while Ty looked over the elf and snapped a picture to inform the Johnson for later before joining the others, who decided to send someone with a proper SIN to take M3chan1c's car across the border. When they arrived at the bar back in Seattle, the party proudly shared drinks as they informed the Johnson of the results of their mission, getting their pay, and for M3chan1c, a nice little comm code for a hookup for a better Fake SIN.


"The Hunger of Flesh" Run Reward :

10K nuyens (5 RVP)

14 Karma (14 RVP)

4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional Reward :

For Mechanics :

Can use double the money reward for a R6 Fake SIN as the one he had got burned.

Instinctive Hack (2 RVP)

For King Louis :

Sharpshooter (4 RVP)

For everyone :

Rodney Goodman (4/4) (7 RVP) if you pick him he owe you a chip for having done the job despite the cheap pay.

Game Quotes

"We're at a Ranch, having a shootout, we're going there at High Noon."


"He's a slurry on the floor."

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "Well, aside from that asshole at the border, it was a pretty nice run, got to dip into the matrix, fry the shit out of that spider asshole who thought he'd be slick with a databomb, and even got to watch my dog-brained drone finally kill somethin' for once, all in all, a great day for a run, even if it burned my SIN."

Lumina: "On the surface, it looked like an impossible situation. A powerful wendigo shaman, spirits, security guards, and drones forming some kind of fortress at the location we were going to strike. Thankfully, with good preparation, matrix and magical skills from my team respectively, we were able to even the odds against us. When we did strike, it was fast and hard, and we got the job done. The kid we were sent to rescue was thankfully in one piece. We got him out of captivity, and left the scene as quickly as possible."

King Louie: "Wendigos - they are almost as annoying as bug spirits. The team did a good job, a large part of the defense was eliminated. I should have attacked the Wendigo first, not the elf. But I corrected my mistake with my second shot and scattered its innards on the wall. Never mess with a monkey, that's all I'm saying - we're mean and dangerous. Could get the not so young kid out of the cult. Hopefully he learned something."

Ty Vallynn: Not only did I get to go visit home, it was for a good cause. I'm not one for blindly hunting infected but Wendigos are usually bad news. I got to work with several new Runners, all of whom were very cool. All in all it was a pretty good job.