Hung Lung Mun And The Finnigans

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Hung Lung Mun And The Finnigans
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Finnigans
Ryan Danes
五代ロータス (Godai rōtasu)
Eye of the Typhoon


Mr. Johnson had a cut and dry problem, rats infesting his dock, the kind that have faux Italian accents and over-dress all the time. After some sleuthing in the matrix, it went from a quiet cleanup, to an extermination job.


The Meet

The party met up in a semi-busy warehouse, the healthy foot traffic in and out gave off the impression that they weren't the only runners using this location to meet up with their Johnsons. When their time came, they were ushered into a small room in the middle of the work floor where they were finally introduced to the client. Mr. Johnson explained that he represented a group with some stake in some nearby dockside businesses, which were unfortunately suffering an infestations of sorts. Mafia members were muscling in on their turf, and Johnson wanted to end that matter and preferably, to send a message to the rats. When prodded, he assured the party that this was a small time location, if they were careful, they wouldn't draw any heat back to themselves. Surprisingly, he was perfectly fine with the idea of the group completing the job without being spotted, as long as the mobsters were out of the picture, he'd be happy to pay the fine runners for their service. As the group left the meet, they took some time to show off their 'ware and equipment to get some ideas for how they'd go about their little 'pest control' operation. After stopping by a local burger joint M3chan1c had heard about, the group sat back in the care to come up with a plan, and get a digital look at the score they'd be hitting.

The Plan

From the beginning, the party seemed rather confident that a stealthy approach would be the best option, a simple matter of shutting down security through the matrix, then sending Godai in to physically sneak into the manager's office, while the others used a combination of their matrix knowledge, machines, and spells to sneak in or provide recon from the other end and take the guards by surprise.

This however, changed after M3chan1c and Typhoon discovered something in the matrix.

According to some files, and an empty room with some clinging data left behind, it appeared that this particular warehouse had once kept a woman by the name of Isabelle Danes in captivity for a period of 22 days, according to the tally on one of the decrepit walls. Digging further, Typhoon was able to copy down the details of her imprisonment, as well as where she had been shipped off to and pass them along to M3chan1c, who seemed to take a rather deep interest in this matter. When asked, he explained that this woman was the reason he was in Seattle in the first place, and that he was looking for her, at this, Godai kindly offered to take one of the mafia targets alive to see if they could get any more information. Upon further prodding, M3chan1c refused to elaborate further beyond the matter being 'personal' as he vetoed the previous plan in favor of a new one.

"We're going loud."

The Run

As the group pulled up a block from the location, Godai followed the previous plan of going in through the manager's office, where the group had noticed some strange activity while on the matrix, Typhoon loaded his shotgun and made his way for the front door while preparing for the fight, and M3chan1c locked his truck, tossed his Crawler drone out the window, and activated his Steel Lynx combat drone.

Godai actually got quite the lucky break, the strange anomaly on the matrix had been a spider, whom was currently unconscious in the Matrix and slumped over a couch. Unfortunately, that luck didn't last long as Godai struggled to subdue the foe, alerting him enough to let the poor fool drop back into meatspace just in time to get clocked back out by the Street Sam.

Typhoon decided he wanted to take 'loud' to the extreme as he barely hesitated to sprint to the front door and blow the lock open with his shotgun, thankfully, he was willing to wait for M3chan1c's Crawler to take out the exterior cameras before doing so. The moment he opened the door, he was met with a group of five guards, all of which shouted and started to open fire on him just as he got into cover, suddenly feeling odd as he felt the still-active spider attempt to reach out and attack him through the matrix, though, with his will, and the efforts of their stealthy ally, he was able to weather it and face off against the gangsters.

As their attention was diverted from the blown-open door, M3chan1c's attack drone, S1ash3r, was given a wide open view of the room, which immediately lit up with gunfire and obnoxiously loud heavy metal music as he went on the attack. The heavily-armored drone was an excellent diversion, drawing the attention of the ill-equipped guards who struggled to put a dent in the machine's hull, and severely wounding a few others as Typhoon was able to pop out from cover and take a couple of the remaining guards by surprise.

With Godai finished up in the office, the group was finally together as their third runner popped behind the guards, fighting from yet another flank as the hostile numbers dwindled. Propperly suppressed and realizing the situation they were in, the remaining guards threw their weapons down and surrendered, kneeling amongst their fallen comrades as the crawler eliminating the remaining cameras before S1ash3r drove up beside them, opening the rest of the party up to explore the warehouse.

In rather short order, Typhoon and Godai found one of the items that the technomancer had lifted off of a supply manifest during their earlier venture into the facility's host, an entire shipment of explosive munitions, while Johnson only mentioned that he wanted the goons dead, he never explained what he meant by 'and send a message,' so the group agreed that blowing up the shipment and as much of the warehouse as they could get away with wouldn't be a bad addition to the job. With a remotely-prepared goon's shotgun loaded with explosive rounds pointed for the open cargo container, the other runners started to make their way for the exit with the unconscious spider over Godai's shoulder, hearing the dull whine of sirens in the distance. As the two mafia goons looked pleadingly at the drone in front of them as they knew what came next.

"Remember that gal ya had here a couple weeks ago?" its speaker squawked for a moment as gunfire split the silence once again.


Driving off nice and easy, the runners managed to avoid an altercation with a passing Knight-Errant vehicle, busy booking it towards the burning inferno that was once a Mafia warehouse, paying absolutely no mind to the unsuspecting truck full of arsonists.

The group returned promptly to Mr. Johnson, receiving a rather stellar round of thanks from the gentleman for a job well done, as well as a rather plentiful reward as he took requests for just what they'd like out of the recent shipment of Krime products that his associates had recently procured. Typhoon split off from the party to go his own way, though, as Godai remained, he and M3chan1c made their way to a discrete rooftop out of the range of prying eyes and drone patrols.

After a rather extensive session of grilling their captured goon, they had gotten the information they wanted, M3chan1c's mystery woman had been sent off to another group within the Finnigan's crime family, apparently, a 'more important' mobster needed her assistance. The last thing they needed was a location, of course, the matrix-jockey spilled as much as he knew, her current location was in Snohomish.

Finally sensing they'd gotten all they could, Godai offered to let M3chan1c have the honor of finishing the job. With a moment's hesitation to finally reveal his face to their captive, M3chan1c hefted the screaming Spider off the edge of the building to let gravity do the rest.


3 karma


1 karma OR +2 CDP towards both Mafia and Triads knowledge skills (Street Knowledge both)

18k nuyen or double that in KRIME gear (one item up to 20 availability, rest up to 18)

+4 Red Dragon Association Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "I thought I'd just be knocking some heads together of some bastards I didn't like, but there was something in there that made the whole thing priceless for me. It'd be weird to thank ol' Johnny for the job, so I guess I'll just take it as a bonus on our pay."