The VIP (Very Important Package)

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The VIP (Very Important Package)
Part of The Plastic Man
LocationRedmond/The Body Mall
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
White Star
Takeshi "Kaminari" Hatsuke
Ryan Danes


Runners collected some bioware for a man made of plastic and shot up a van full of security goons.


Mr. Johnson had recently made some trouble for his usual chop shop, in an effort to clear the waters, he decided to hire a group of shadowrunners to steal some needed bioware from the Body Mall so he can once again return to improving his already impressive array of 'ware.

The Meet

The party met up at The Amerindian Diner, spotting Mr. Johnson out of the crowd rather easily and falling into place as they waited for a few late arrivals to pile in before ordering up their meals (Courtesy of their gracious client of course,) and getting their fill before finally hearing of the job, a simple smash and grab in Redmond at the Body Mall. A 70kg, climate-sensitive package loaded with bioware was the target, likely stored in some sort of cold-storage compartment, it was going to be in the area for a short time before being installed into a client, so they had to hit it that night. After asking the usual questions, gang affiliations, threats, security, Mr. Johnson reminded them that he was covering the meal and wished them luck after passing them the directions to the job, and the drop-off location.
After ordering some 'travel food' on kindly Mr. Johnson's dollar, the group drove off to a suggested runner bar to dig in further about the location they'd be hitting, with a bit of quick matrix hunting, they were able to pick up what they needed about their target and agreed to take M3chan1c's truck out to the job location, thanks to 'plan-b' being stored in the back end.

The Plan

Initially, the party planned to post up in a nearby parking garage, then use their decker to break into the security system, cut their defenses, and locate the package and the cold storage location in the building, using a combination of both decking, infiltration, and misdirection to find the package and wheel it out of the building with help of a summoned earth spirit.
Unfortunately, after some misadventures with decking and some poor luck with the decker, the group instead decided to fish for information by sending in their least offensive party member to disguise as a representative looking for some 'ware to find the location of the cold storage chamber, then wait until night for security to be light before breaking in and out as quickly, and hopefully with as little incident as possible.

The Run

After their initial struggle with trying to crack into a non-cooperative sub-host, Vicker was sent into the body mall to scout out the location of the cold-storage the package was left behind in. With some searching and some spread feelers, he managed to run into a Gnomish ripperdoc with a set of loose lips, ultimately giving him an offer on hard to find 'ware and slipping that their target was in the basement of the mall.
Deciding the best route was to wait for the coast to be clear, the party sat back, got prepared, grabbed a smoke, and waited for closing time before making their move. After discovering a short ramp to the lower parking garage with a door directly connected to the basement, the party snuck in, using some quick-hacks and magic to distract and stun the guards for a quick kill on the pair. Taking some time to hide the bodies, the group came across another internal security group, while thinking of a plan to deal with them, Vicker and M3chan1c worked together to formulate a false-AR ad for a nearby brothel with a 1k Nuyen gift card and spam it to the guards, ultimately leading one guard to abandon his post and sprint down the hall, right into the party, only to be split in two by Kaminari's blade as the halls errupted into gunfire and magical warfare.
After a short fight, the group dipped into cold storage and got their summoned earth spirit to grab the heavy package while they made for the exit, a few spotting a silent alarm that seemed to have triggered from the fight, of course, before they could figure it out or shut it down, the group was staring down a security fan with a suited man demanding them to surrender the package to them, this was promptly met with a full-auto burst from one of the drones, reducing him to a twitching pile as a fire-elemental manifested inside the vehicle, lightly-toasting the rest of the reinforcements for the rest of the party to start mopping up, those who fled getting torched for their troubles. With a pile of security goons laying wasted, the party made their way for the Truck, with M3chan1c staying behind just long enough to send the security van careening into the basement doors out of spite.


After evading the security team, the party made their way for the Chop Shop mentioned by Mr. Johnson to drop off the package. Happy to see his bioware in one piece, he traded the group a pile of nuyen for his goods, turning around to holler at the local staff for them to finally upgrade his already extensive dermal plating. After driving back to pick up everyone's rides, they congratulated each other on a job well done and split off for their own homes.


  • 12k nuyen (6 RVP) May be exchanged 2:1 for cyberware and bioware under Availability 19
  • 5 karma (5 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

  • "Could someone roll a Matrix Search for the nearest whorehouse because I have a plan."
  • "(Vans) also become ovens when a fire spirit materializes inside them."
  • "Mr. Johnson explains that he is paying for your meal and leaves the diner." "I wait for him to leave, and then order the most expensive thing on the menu."

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ryan Danes

Hell of a way to waste my day, though, wasn't half bad, had some good food, a smoke or two, if our plan hadn't fallen through it wouldn't even have been eventful, felt bad the punks in the basement didn't take the bait, was hoping we could've avoided the trouble. The security team? Eh, fuck 'em, just a buncha' wannabe suits.

Takeshi "Kaminari" Hatsuke

It felt good to be doing what I do best again, 神先生 (my Spirit Mentor) was pleased. For my part, it was alot of... hurry up and wait, as they say. Our decker was skilled and we were well prepared upon entry; the decker even managed to reduce the number of opponents with cleverly utilized lewd images. And when it came to combat, it was swift and decisive. Their Heavy was no match for me, alone.


Always trying to fool people, can work out but this was one of those moments that fail and dealing with trying to collect the gear. feel a bit bad about those people we have to kill, but I feel like rest of my time lack any of heart.