Old is Good... Old is Reliable...

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Old is Good... Old is Reliable...
LocationFort Louis
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Major Corp
Ryan Danes
Katherine Tyler


Johnson wants a plane, one that's old school, reliable, not full of all of that pesky and confusing modern tech, hearing about a group of vintage warplane enthusiests in the area, he decides to hire a group of shadowrunners to get him his dream Close Air Support vehicle. Throwing a massive, novacoke-fueled party in order to distract the staff and the club members, the runners managed to steal the plane with only a single eviscerated guard and nearby burning hanger.


The Meet

The meet was held in an air club in Everette. As the runners entered the location, they were met with a surprisingly empty building, save for a gentleman with a friendly smile and a warm cup of coffee. After formalities were out of the way, he got down to business. According to Johnson, he was a man interested in getting access to a plane, though, didn't trust most of the current technology of the modern age, no matrix, no fancy rigger interfaces, no ultra-expensive parts and sensors to replace every five minutes! A plane that fit that sort of bill happened to be in town at the current moment, currently on display at an airfield, still fully functional. Johnson explained the vehicle was an A-1 Skyraider, an ancient, Vietnam war-era Close Air Support plane, lacking every last modern luxury, even without a nav computer!

Due to the nature of the plane being a display piece, it was highly likely the plane would be transferred to a new location soon, so the runners would be on a time crunch. Scrappenny proudly explained that she was a confident manual flyer, something Johnson was rather glad to accept, as it prevented his original plan of having to put himself into the line of fire in the first place. Going into further detail, apparently, due to the location of the plane as well as the owner being a private, but wealthy, individual, it would be highly unlikely that any proper military or law-enforcement would interfere with the aircraft once it got into the air, so the run would be a race to get into the sky before security can interfere with the hijacking.

Passing a transponder to Scrappenny, Johnson followed up by explaining that it was pre-programmed to seem legitimate, and under his name, avoiding the possibility of being intercepted by aircraft following the target's installed transponder. Scrappenny followed off, pointing out a few nearby smuggling routes, explaining that they would have to avoid following them in order to prevent themselves from drawing attention.

The Plan

Discussing the plane in particular, the first problem was obvious, the engine on this vehicle was LOUD, as a manually flown prop-propeller aircraft, it didn't exactly lend itself to subtlety. Scrappenny mentioned a contact they knew which could cause enough of a distraction to disguise the sound of the plane starting up. The plan was to get Alexander James Brodrick Johnson III to host a massive party at the airfield under the false-pretense that he was running a charity event for PR purposes, though, considering the time the meet had been held, the runners would have to wait to get a hold of the party animal himself.

Offering to go after the host in the meantime, M3chan1c decided to drop into the matrix. According to a matrix search, apparently the location was filled with antique aircraft as the club which owned it was rather passionate about historic planes, with the skyraider specifically mentioned on the schedule. Additionally, the group had an active contract with Knight Errant, giving them exclusive access to higher-tier security services. Additionally, it appeared that the company was in need of more mechanics as of recent for the aircraft. M3chan1c's dive into the host didn't really provide most, being a public host, everything was sort of on display for him to look through, the aircraft list, the dates when the planes would be moved from location to location, showing that the skyraider would be moved away in a single day, making this run a time-sensitive endeavor. After copying a list of the major members of the club, he frustratedly dropped out of the matrix without many new leads.

Scrappenny eventually managed to get a hold of Brody, the party boy, after a bit of coaxing and an offer of supplying his nova-coke usage throughout the event, he was in, promising to be there and bring all of his trademark energy. As the call ended, M3chan1c got to work, disguising a set of coveralls from Scrappenny and crafting fake patches and logos to match the airfield worker's decals. Digging deeper into planning, it was determined that Scrappenny, Kate, and Plaguemaster would be going inside, with M3chan1c providing matrix support to the party while Kate and Plaguemaster performed the groundwork, helping Scrappenny get into the plane to fly it off as the other runners make for M3chan1c's van parked outside to escape into the night after dumping the transponder.

The Run

Before the infiltration started, M3chan1c dropped into the matrix, quickly hacking the security camera systems and placing them on a loop, before failing to locate any sign of an alarm built into the host, after slapping a nice data bomb onto the cameras to prevent any annoying spiders from ruining his work. The group went to the location, Kate and Scrappenny stepping inside and mingling with the raging party guests for a moment before finding a chance to slip inside and disappear into the night after getting an eyeful of the magnificent historical planes, just in time to meet Plaguemaster who just got done breaking the land speed record for goblins as he jumped the fence and zipped over to a secluded area.

As the trio met up, they made their way for the skyraider's hanger, as Kate picked the door to step inside, an alarm went off, in the scramble that followed, M3chan1c flooded the area with electronic noise, delaying any of the notifications that would have been sent out as the ground team got to work, with Scrappenny quickly managing to start the engine while Kate and Plaguemaster rifled through the transponder. The runners were unfortunately ambushed soon after, as a pair of guards stormed through the main door, drawing their melee weapons as the plane roared to life.

Before the guards had a chance to react, Plaguemaster sprinted in between them, pulling the pins on all 5 of the halloweener Molotov Cocktails that M3chan1c had passed him before the run, As they tried to flee from the immanent explosion, Plaguemaster managed to intercept one of them, lunging their way and getting a good hit on them before they left the blast radius, the fireproof goblin erupting into a blazing inferno as he continued to chase the goons down, still burning brightly, along with the second hanger building. Scrappenny quickly dove into the plane, starting the takeoff sequence as Kate sprinted at the guards, plunging her combat knife into one of their shoulders, quickly being attacked back with a smack to the head with their baton, a move which was quickly copied by the other guard, though, one which didn't connect to the speedy goblin. The four continued to brawl as Scrappenny turned the plane, speeding forward, and utterly eviscerating the poor guard that happened to be in her way, their body scattering along the runway as the plane picked up speed. Watching the plane take off into the air, Kate punched the last guard's lights out, grabbing Plaguemaster as they started to book it for M3chan1c's Van, managing to dodge any of the passing staff and firefighters trying to stop the blazing hanger.


Meeting up at a previously-arranged landing point, the runners waited, watching Scrappenny perfectly and gracefully land their plane right in front of Johnson, rather stunned to see the plane back in one piece, and in such a short time! Expressing his gratitude for such a fast delivery, he sent them off with their pay as he got to work cleaning the blood off of his new ride.


20k nuyen or twice as spare part for modification of vehicle. (10 RVP)

10 Karma (10 RVP)


+2 N51 Rep

Optional :

For Kate : Ronin (10 RVP)

For Scrappenny : Juryrigger (10 RVP)

Count as an initiation for the Goblin cause he set an hangar on fire

Game Quotes

"I must embrace Heroin"

Benny: "Why are you seizing? It's not like they're going to roll above 42 initiative!"

Asmo: "It's not about rolling more. It's about sending a message."

Plaguemaster: "Magic Molotov. I am stuck between these heretical muscular security guards. Tell me what I should do."

Kate: Yeah I got this guy

takes 12 physical damage

Kate: Wtf?

"Maybe the real arson was the friends we made along the way."

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "Bullshit asshole security system hiding the alarm, I hope the spider's in hotsim when that asshole finds my databomb."

Katherine Tyler: First of all, what the fuck was that? Did I momentarily forget how to fight? Did I somehow mentally slip back to my days as a young PO3? Sloppy...But we got the job done.

Scrappenny I haven't been training on how to fly a plane for no reason. got to show off what skill can do.

Plaguemaster: "Interesting that I come across so many enemies so quickly. Many individuals to work alongside. Are these to be colleagues? Perhaps I do not have to provide direct interference in the future and can concentrate on my better qualities..."