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Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes
Heart of the Tempest


Johnson is suspicious that something will happen tonight at his nightclub, being unsure of his manager and security, he hires shadowrunners as a secondary layer of defense. After some prodding in digital and meatspace, it seemed that he was correct in his assumptions, leading to a bloody nightclub shootout with the mastermind dipping out during the chaos.


The Meet

The group met up at Fruitful Desires, a family restaurant with connections to a pulse-pounding nightclub the moment the sun went down. Heading in as the night-life started to pour in, they met up with Johnson, a rather neatly dressed, somewhat nerdy-looking gentleman that you'd expect to be running the simple family restaurant, and maybe some sort of website as well. He introduced himself as Tortoise and started off by explaining that he had a feeling something was going to go wrong and decided to hire a set of runners, while he wasn't sure about what could be going on, he felt that runners would be a proper response to some odd goings-on through the shop, regardless of how frightened he seemed to be at the Runners, he seemed pretty serious about protecting the customers at his club from whatever could be going on. After some negotiations and arguments about payment and setting matters up beforehand, they got a better deal on the payment for the job, as well as some products that Tortoise had connections to. At the end, the group was informed that they were to avoid any casualties or collateral damage during the night, and if any actual combat was to occur, they would be getting an additional 2,000 nuyen bonus to their pay.

The Plan

Leave cyberfang in the van, near a door in order to make a quick entrance to assist the group. Ryan spots the host running silent, yet without any security preventing anyone from entering, with a proper greeter offering premade avatars to any guests. After some poking around, the decker dropped back into meatspace, apologizing that he couldn't breach the defenses of this host, as it seemed to have been designed by a rather wild spider with a hard-on for digital security. Thanks to this, they would be flying blind save for whatever resources they would be able to bring themselves, a set of micro-cams, drones, etc. Driving off to the site, they decided to set up whatever they could to give themselves an early warning, and just watch and wait for the big one.

Orchid easily talked M3chan1c inside as a security and technical assistant, heading off to the bar to start preparing her brews, M3chan1c dipped off to speak to a rather sketchy looking attendant behind a poorly-lit bar in the corner that he'd noticed while scoping the location out in the matrix. After discussing his inventory for a moment, he was able to change the subject to Geoff, the suspicious gentleman who would be running the event that night. Apparently he had been acting strange out of nowhere, isolating himself in a backroom each night, being very unusual in the few moments he shows his face, though, as the less-socially inclined rigger pressed the issue further, he clammed back up and suggested he speak to Clarice, the floor manager of the evening. Returning back to the bar, M3chan1c tagged Orchid in and held down the fort as she made her way off to pick the manager's brain over the matter. With some fast talking, the beans started to tip, it appeared that Geoff started to act strange out of nowhere, seeming to be in a heavy slump, reclusive, visiting illicit locations out of nowhere, and seeming to be in a funk, and this party was a matter to settle down tensions in the poor guy. While they walked and talked though, she bumped into the security for the evening, a group of samurai dressed head to toe in rave-styled traditional armor, oddly silent during conversation, according to Clarice, they were hired for the evening and, of course, managed to be late to work. As Orchid went to talk about, and pry into the extended inventory of the dealer, M3chan1c snuck around and found that the controls for the bay doors of the warehouse were rerouted into the DJ booth, sending Orchid out towards the operator in question. With a bit of social work, some proper sniffing, and some coercion, she managed to get him to crack, further admitting that Geoff was acting strange, and was the one who ordered the door subroutines to be hardwired into the DJ booth, after reassuring him that things would be fine, she passed a playlist from M3chan1c over his way to help him buff out his set for the night before dipping back to the others. After wagering that the Rigger's APC could easily smash through the doors if needed in case of an emergency, he dipped back out to his van, figuring he'd be able to run the operation from outside through his drones.

The Run

Cyberfang entered the club, blending in as a bodymodder rather easily with their unusual form. As the party started, Tempest had come in disguised as as on-call medic for the night, while tending to a woozy club-goer, they were roughly bumped into by one of the rave-samurai, giving a closer look through the arcane they were able to determine that they were Adepts, and that their loadouts had changed from before the party, now packing concerning magical weapons for simple 'club security.' Looking closer, the runners spotted the samurai starting to surround the dancers, a small squad making their way for the stage as odd members made their way to cover the exits to the building. With a few moments to react, the runners either got cover, moved to intercept, or made their way for the door in a panic if they weren't meant to be in combat. As the Samurai made their way to the DJ's booth, there wasn't a second to react as the first one drew their sword, decapitating the spindly disk-jockey with a single swing of their blade. Though, before his head could even hit the floor, Tempest threw out a powerful Manaball, evaporating the entire group of samurai on the stage in an instant, sending the club into further chaos as the hostile security forces began to book it for the stage. Cyberfang sprang up on one of the samurai blocking the main door, pinning them to floor as an opening for Orchid, who began to sprint for the door as she cried out for the civilians to follow her out, though, as they got to the handle, it seemed that this door was locked as well, in an instant she drew her mini-welder and, with a speed boost from Tempest, got to work slicing them open. Turning from assisting her ally, another manaball from Tempest ensured the pair of samurai right in front of them joined the others as decorative ash on the stage. As the samurai started to beat on Cyberfang, M3chan1c's APC came crashing through one of the bay doors, creating another exit, as well as another, heavily armored target to fire at. A stunbolt from Tempest staggered one of the attackers coming her way, followed by a quick draw from Orchid to draw some of the heat off of Cyberfang as she lead the clubgoers to safety. As a pair of the samurai began to unload on the APC, they were quickly returned in kind with a massive blast from the assault cannon mounted on top which immediately sent one flying into the wall before they lost consciousness. Deciding to cut their losses, the rest of the Samurai started to turn their attention on the crowd, starting to hose them down with SMG fire as a stunbolt from Tempest and another assault cannon did what they could to protect the fleeing civilians. Following up with a powerful manaball, Tempest was able to take out all but two of the remaining hostiles, one of which was taken out from combined fire between the Rigger and the mage, with the other sprinting towards her, whiffing their slash just in time to get blown to the ground by another stunbolt, ending the attack.


As the assault ended, the mages of the party were hit by a wave of entropy as the fear from the attack stained the landscape, kicking the background count sky-high and cutting out the spellcasters of the party. As much as the group wished to go after Geoff following the attack, Cyberfang was out of commission from the samurai, the mages couldn't fight, and M3chan1c's car couldn't go any further into the building, following Orchid's warning of HTR arriving soon, the group packed up and made off for Tortoise. Interrogating the nervous club owner about the entire incident, he insisted that Goeff was a 'good guy' and none of this made any sense, following that, the runners were paid, and split up, feeling unnerved after watching the chaos unfold, knowing the one responsible was still at large.


Nuyen: 16k (8 RVP) + 2k or 36k in electronics

Karma: 10 (10 RVP)

CDP: 6 (2 RVP)

Optional Cyberfang: Candle in the Darkness (5 RVP)

Optional M3chan1c: Trustworthy (15 RVP

Game Quotes

Cyberfang's attack roll: "OwO, notices your katana, pounces on you, *glomp*"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "Ya know, work in this business long enough and ya think you've seen everything, this one? Knew right from the start something fucked was going on, planned for it, but the moment I saw how that place looked after those ratfucks got started in there? Wish I had the time to double-tap each and every one of those disco-samurai fuckers. That Geoff guy's gonna have hell to pay, just hope I get the chance to smear 'em myself."

Orchid I don't normally like killing people but this Geoff is now on my hit list. someone like that who was so willing to kill people whose sin is not as dark as his own...i do hope people get him and show him that pain he done to others