Trogs These Days

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Trogs These Days
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes
Red Flower


Trash the stolen valor clubhouse


The Meet

Met Mr.J at a restaurant

The Plan

Begin assault from the side entrance of the building, minimized damage to allies

The Run

  • Along the way to the mission site we noticed our equipment was being tampered with by an beginner script K.I.T.T.Y. after we bricked it and after some slight intimidation towards the user we proceeded towards our original objective
  • began by charging the gang clubhouse, after which we began the assault on their premises, Bulldozer took an AV-rocket directly to the face protecting the truck which had the M3chan1c inside, there where drone suppression and after dealing with the enemy we demolished the building and vehicles.


Our message was delivered and the rising gang was disbanded.


14k nuyen or double in Ammunition, Weapons, and Explosives (7 RVP) (10k base increased by negotiation) 6 karma (6 RVP) 2 CDP (0 RVP) May exchange RVP for Shoot First, Don't Ask Questions

Game Quotes

"kicking the door makes the sound of a truck hitting another truck"
"As my drone opens fire I start blasting Fortunate Son through the speakers at full volume to show these posers how it's done"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Almost feel bad for scaring the shit out of that script kiddie on the way, but he tried fucking with my truck, ain't nobody gonna do that. But those wannabe GI's? Nah, none at all, bunch of dumb kids who thought they could emulate those old war dogs back in the day, glad I got a chance to show 'em how it's really done."


Damn valor stealing jackasses. The new guy ate a rocket and lived, at least. Also damn script kiddies.


"Busted down the door of stolen valor idiots, got knocked out my rocket, woke up after the fact, broke bikes, day was good day."