Gravedigging For Big Data

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Gravedigging For Big Data
Part of The Arrival
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Takeshi "Kaminari" Hatsuke
Ryan Danes
Casualties and losses
One Steel Lynx Majority of the occupying gangers.


Team enters a dead scientist's dilapidated home to look for his research.


Seattle's magic community has begun state-wide collective nightmares. Some experience them worse than others, the worst affected being closer to Glow City. This made those researching the matter suspect there may be a toxic connection.

The Meet

The meet was chaotic. Majority of the team was in an almost fugue-like state due to the sheer nonsense they witnessed, including screaming and drugs and data chips shoved into their hands. The local madman ran a strange ship, but at least he got them the information he was paid to pass on.

The Plan

The location to strike was the MacMillian Reserve Estates, small suburb area in Puyallup that once would've made for expensive beachfront property. Now, they were little more than shacks coated in gang taglines. The researcher whose information the team is paid to retrieve is Dr. William Schultz, a man who was once suspected to have consulted Kalanyr himself on matters of pollution, disease, biological defects and radiation. In a sense, toxic magic.

The Run

The run itself begins with some Matrix searches and miscellaneous legwork by calling contacts such as Informer about the estate and its surrounding environment. Easy enough, they discover that it's in disrepair and that approaching is the easy part. They do some further scouting with Mechanic's drones to ascertain the Disassemblers' numbers. They seem to have setup a highly unsanitary chop shop for recovering augmentations upstairs, but most of them don't seem particularly threatening on the surface.

Conduit considers checking it out as well, but decides against it. The toxic taint may rub off on him in a bad way. So, the team decides ultimately on a crossfire breach from two sides and assault the building. At first, entry is clean, but a hidden technomancer and an angry mage prove to push competition away. That includes shadowrunners at times. While at first they manage to hold the runners back, some clever maneuvering helps the team gain an upper hand. A Steel Lynx gets utterly bricked by a shotgunner with a Krime Boom in his hands and Mechanic ends up dumpshocked, but resumes immediately after. Acidthrowers and electrified water pools disrupt Bulldozer's entry, but he pushes on through while Kaminari attempts to disarm a maniac waving plastic explosives around. He manages to cut the man's arm off, but out of pure spite the man uses his teeth to drag the detonator's timer to zero, killing himself and knocking Kaminari unconscious.


The remainder is mopped up in short order; while no serious damage was dealt, a couple of the Disassemblers managed to get away. The technomancer and mage exfil somewhere else while their dedicated doctor tries running away, only to be torched to death for his crimes. The data is found on the host amidst the gang's own nonsensical entries, delivered safe and sound to the J.


  • 10,000 Nuyen
  • 8 CDP
  • Optional Contact: Bubblegum, 1/1 ID Forger

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "I'd have finished off those magical fuckers if I had the chance, put my damn Lynx out of commission, just glad they got what was comin' to 'em. Hope the data's worth it in the end. Oh yeah, that doctor too, maybe in another life I'd feel like shit for torchin' the helpless fucker, but considerin' he ripped a damn control rig out of a livin' fella like that? Nah, he had that comin'."

Bulldozer: while the gangers them self where easy enough to beat some of their gear, one being the acidic weapon where quite exorgízontas to go against.. it is a shame two of them ran away tho, the doc would have gotten some use out of em i imagine.