A Strike Against House Christobal

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A Strike Against House Christobal
LocationThe Caribbean League
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Ghost Cartels
Sexy Bonsai
la Rapide
Felipe Gallo


A Seattle runner team travels to the Caribbean League in order to assassinate a local Zobop boss on behalf of the Ghost Cartels.


Felipe Gallo, a Zobop boss in the Caribbean League who specialises in the production and distribution of Novacoke needs to be removed from power, lethally, and causing him as much pain as possible.

The Meet

The team meet their Johnson in the Matrix. The meet takes place in the brig of a pirate ship and the Johnson appears to them as a ghostly pirate figure. They offer out some wetwork in the Caribbean league, transport and safehouse has been arranged. The team, a slew of default Matrix personas and a motorcycle rider with a peg leg at this point, accept.

They are told Felipe Gallo needs to die, painfully if possible, though no bonus is provided for the second half, the team accept and are given supporting information on Felipe.

The Plan

Before heading out to the Caribbean a matrix search reveals Felipe is a coke dealer and spends his time either at a heavily fortified estate or inspecting his operations at a warehouse in a nearby dockyard.

They arrive in the Caribbean and decide Felipe's house is too fortified to assault directly, they decide to draw him out and assassinate him elsewhere.

The Run

The team board Bilge-Rat Jones's ship at the docks and head out to the Caribbean League.

En route they are attacked by pirates, having been travelling in a hermetically sealed smuggling compartment there is little the team can do at first. Until the side of the hull is blown out by the pirate's weapon systems.

Combat ensues, with weapons fire being traded from the hull of the ship to the pirates ship, some of the team head up on deck to battle pirates that have boarded the vessel. From above one can hear the sounds of shouting as Bilge Rat Jones, the captain, is also in the fight. The decker decides that pirate the ship itself is inconvenient and begins to hack the missiles it has on board.

Suddenly there is confusion as swarms of illusionary rats appear everywhere and begin to bite everyone. These are summoned by Bilge Rat Jones, which is odd because he is not awakened and seems to be using magic.

Bilge Rat has just awakened, in the middle of the sea, and in the middle of a pirate attack.

Then the enemy ship goes up in a ball of fire and shrapnel as the required marks are gained on a missile and it is made to detonate, causing a chain reaction and wiping the pirate's vessel out.

They make it safely to the Caribbean and carry out some more recon, the sum of which appears to be that it is very foolhardy to attack Felipe at his home, or the warehouse, or in the heavily reinforced armoured convoy he uses to move between the two.

Another Matrix search reveals he has a 78 year old relative with a heart condition, his Grandmother, who lives in a small village nearby and also happens to be an aspected Summoner with several spirit allies. It is decided that if she dies then Felipe will likely attend the funeral at the family mausoleum and can be hit there.

To facilitate this the Team contact their Johnson and get another safehouse nearer to Felipe's family mausoleum. The Johnson agrees.

A plan is hatched to kill the Grandmother, first the team try to hack her coffee machine and make it so the next brew it makes contains a lethal dose of caffeine. This fails, surprisingly, when the Grandmother tastes the coffee and simply doesn't drink it.

Next they snipe her with a dart gun and several doses of Basilisk venom. This does work, the evidence is covered up and the team lay low for a little bit, watching, and waiting.

Felipe attends his grandmother's funeral, where is assassinated via dart rifle and lethal venom, his entourage are several enslaved vampiric bodyguards, mundane security and a Technomancer. The vampire slaves are freed from their slavery, by being killed, and the security are dispatched in a hail of gunfire and lightning bolts. The Technomancer remains alive but finds no targets. The team make it back to their safehouse.

They lay low for another week, in this time some Ghost Cartel turn up at the safehouse and are surprised to see the runners still there but nothing further happens, the Seattle-ites then re-embark on Bilge Rat Jones's ship, now an Awakened Rat mage, and head back to Seattle. On the way back the toilet backs up and the team have to use the hole in the hull of the ship as a restroom.


The Ghost Cartels gain strength in Havana.


24k nuyen - 12 RVP

8 karma - 8 RVP


+5 Ghost Cartels Rep


Bonsai and La Rapide: Bilge-Rat Jones (Connection 3) at Loyalty 3 for -5 RVP

Basilisk and Waldgeist: Bilge-Rat Jones (Connection 3) at Loyalty 1 for -3 RVP



Deulara Leorel (Connection 4) at Loyalty 2 for -5 RVP

Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (Connection 2) at Loyalty 4 for -5 RVP (he and your sister are friends now)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sexy Bonsai

I'm on a boat motherfucker come and look at me. Holy shit this omae this one was wild, we had to off some Vampire King or some shit. Anyway we did all that but lets get to the important bit, I only went and blew up a fucking boat, like A BOAT. Just -ME-, you should have seen it. I was ducking and diving and dodging all kinds of shit on the Matrix but then I was like, no way omae, I got this. I changed the safety distance bullshit on one of the missiles to instead be a 'not safe, actually explode' in this distance thing and BOOM. The missile rack explodes, other boomy shit in the boat explodes. Pirates dead and I'm a hero. Again.

Oh then we got to the Caribbean, place is actually pretty shitty if I'm totally honest. I searched the guy gave the info to the team and they offed him then we came home. Oh I did try to kill some old lady with a coffee machine but hands up, that didn't work. Hey did you know it takes 21 grams of caffeine to kill someone? Who knew eh?


Waldgeist speaks in her head to her mentor spirit.

Waldgeist: "Hey father shark, are you there?"

The mentor spirit appears as a white shark figure with many scars.

Waldgeist: "Did you see the Lightning Ball I threw in Hawana? It was really big."

The shark figure nods.

Waldgeist: "Do you think we can do something so that I can throw cool balls like that more safely and more often?

The shark nods again and directs Waldgeist's attention to Hideo Masamune.

Waldgeist: "Oh right Hideo mentioned something called Foci and Fetish".

Father Shark applauds with his fins and then disappears into nowhere.

la Rapide

ok, now I'm wondering if that Snake lady actually thinks her wooden bat can stop me, or if it's just to calm her nerves. Who knows, maybe I'll get an answer to that one day.

At least she's good at what she does, so the run went by smoothly, even though I ran out of blood at one point. Been a while since I drank from the neck... it feels good.