Prisoner transport interrupt

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Prisoner transport interrupt
Part of ShadowHaven Shutdown
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renton District Government
Jane Excalibur
Heart of the Tempest
Prisoner Transport Driver
Prisoner Transport Guards
2x Wasp Spirits
Casualties and losses
wasp spirits, several guards, driver "rewarded" for running away
Flare IG run


The FBI needs runners on short notice to extract a target for interrogation from a prisoner transport vehicle.


There is a prisoner, Alan Lang, being trasported to a correctional facility in renton. The Renton district government, which at this time has been shown to be infiltrated but insect spirits, wants to get their hands on him to shut him up. The FBI want him to get him to talk about what he knows concerning the status of the insect spirit infestation in renton governmental affairs.

The Meet

The team filed into a government van, that took them to a discreet building where they met the J, who explained the situation. The whole ride there was in near total silence, with little communication. The J was able to provide the details of the route the prisoner transport would take, as well as the necessary information to positively ID the correct target.

The Plan

The plan was relatively simple. Having identified an overpass from which they could leap onto the top of the truck, they would assault from above and quickly take control of the vehicle using one of Flare's task spirits, who was to influence the driver out of the pilot seat and hand the wheel to the magical entity. The backup was having Jane Excalibur use her technomancer abilities to take control of the moving vehicle from the outside.

The Run

Everything went to plan right up until the very beginning, when everything went sideways. Having jumped off the overpass, Flare's spirit (carrying the unathletic wizard) was intercepted midair and nearly dropped her on the pavement. The task spirit, nearly disrupted in a single blow, was able to report that it was being attacked by a wasp spirit. Successfully landing together on the roof but becoming the ambushees, rather than ambushers, the team fought off the bug spirits and guards attacking through the roof at the runners above. Jane was able to execute on the backup plan, while Flare and Tempest fought off the astral assault, and Rurosha ripped through the roof to engage the guards in the prisoner hold. The guards were eventually overpowered, with a few running away or retreating rather than lose their lives in the fight.


After securing the target and preparing to make good their escape, the sound of the man's voice caught the attention of Flare. She recognized the voice, and it came to her that he was on the black-out team that attacked and killed her family while kidnapping her father. After the tacit acceptance of the runners, and on the condition that she not kill the target, Flare aggressively probed his mind for information. She got the mental images of the J, and his other teammates, along with the pizzeria the meet and dropoff of her father was (named Ave Maria). Most of the others were murder hobo types, but Alan seemed remorseful. Having enough self control not to kill him, Flare regretfully turned him over with the rest of the time without exacting revenge.


for Prisoner transport interrupt (deadly)
-20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP) if anybody wants a foci from a insect spirit let me know
- 2.000 Nuyen
- 10 Karma (10 RVP)
- 2 CDP
- Flare: counts as an IG run
+ 10 FBI rep
- 15 Renton rep

Optional (with RVP from above):
- Casandra Withers C8L2 (9 RVP)

- up to two Tough as Nails (5 - 10 RVP)

- Go Big or Go Home (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That mother flipping, gosh darn, dastardly witch!! FRICK! He's responsible. This whole time I'm looking around for anything I can find to get me clues and he just falls in my lap. And feeling guilty? FEELING GUILTY??? He's so lucky I couldn't kill him then and there. I don't care how bad he feels, you can't bring them back. My mother, my husband, my family home... gone forever because of him and his friends. But I've assensed him, and anyone who think I wouldn't have that memorized is a fool. I can find him, I can find his friends, I can find that mafia johnson, and I can make them all pay for what they did. I can still save dad...


Well, that was wild. I think the plan and execution were fine, it's just that there were obvious complications that we didn't unfortunately account for. I really need to get my nodachi made into a weapon focus.

Heart of the Tempest

Note to self: find some way to take hits when I get unlucky. I mean, they were javelins, so I could get back up, but that's not gonna help me when I take a lightning bolt to the face. Also, fucking bugs. Bloody things managed to get away. Anyway, successful job, though something got Flare stirred up. Odd.