Deus Est Cammaros

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Deus Est Cammaros
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
'Doc' Mortimer
Major Corp
Jane Excalibur
Leviathan Lobster God
Mage Cultist
Adept Cultists
Casualties and losses
Cultists killed via flaming sword, leviathan lobster god studied and then eaten.


Kill a cyborg leviathan lobster god.


'Doc' Mortimer had heard rumours that one of the many cults attempting to create a leviathan lobster god had succeeded, and thought this would be an interesting creature to study.

The Meet

The runners were directed to Doc's clinic, the smell of antiseptic inside replacing the all-pervasive smell of dead fish outside. After some time to react to the scope of the job, the runners accepted the payment, including the offer of cyberware.

The Plan

Jane localised the dock where the cult had most of its activity by tracking the major cultists' movements, then she and Rurosha snuck in, underwater and on dry land respectively. Jane easily hacked into the makeshift Matrix defences, and Rurosha mapped out a way in.

The runners planned to attack the cultists first, then try to draw out their god.

The Run

Bulldozer pulled open the door and then the runners charged in, one of the adepts getting Kate with a riposte, before the lobster god crashed in. Jane took out the cultists while Rurosha knocked the lobster god down and Bulldozer shot it, and then eventually the lobster god's adrenaline pump ran out.


The runners slowly dragged the lobster god out and hired a flatbed to bring it back to Doc.


30k Nuyen, or twice in 'ware up to base avail 19 (15 RVP)

5 Karma (5 RVP)

Delicious and only mildly toxic lobster meals


Optional, taking from above rewards:

'Doc' Mortimer (C4/L2) (5 RVP)

Tough As Nails 1 for Jane/Rurosha (5 RVP)

Perceptive for Plaguemaster (5 RVP/lvl)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...Well, giant lobster cult (the lobster, not the cult) certainly wasn't what I was expecting to get hired to deal with one of these days. That thing had a mean claw.


"well.. today we gunned down a hugeass lobster.. huh"