Family Unfriendly NERPS

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Family Unfriendly NERPS
LocationAres Maximus Tactical Family Outlet
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares
Jane Excalibur
Dr. Lollipop
Tactical Outlet Employees
Casualties and losses
None Total


Mr Johnson wishes to get a new toy before it hits the shelves. The Runners do a smash and grab on the world's most heavily armed toystore.


Ares Maximus Tactical Family Outlets are a chain of family tactical stores, selling home defence and youth-targeted weaponry, toys, accessories, etc. They are large 'big box' stores and often have significant defences. Furthermore, Ares policy requires all shop employees to be armed whilst at work.

The Meet

Jane Excalibur is busy playing Miracle Shooter, Bannertte is taming a bear, Dr Lolllipop is making cookies and Geilrid is chilling when they all get calls from their fixers and head to a certain stuffer shack. There Mr Johnson explains his plans and requirements, and after a bit of banter (and the consumption of some dubious cookies), the Runners agree to do the job.

The Plan

The Runners discuss several plans, and then decide to do some scouting before agreeing to any of them. They do a comprehensive astral/meat/matrix reconiscance of the shop and learn a few important facts: there are large laser turrets, the employees are all armed, and there is a flat roof with no access to the building. They then do some matrix searches and pour over the real plans. They discover or deduce a few more facts: the offices where the spider and safe they need access to are just below the roof, and that they will only have a short time before HTR arrives. They plan to sneak up to the building, using concealment from one of Geilrid's spirits and Jane's grapple gun, then blow a large charge over the security office containing the spider and move from there. Dr Lollipop will wait outside, with a secondary charge to blow a hole in the ground floor wall.

The Run

The plan to sneak up to the building goes well, despite a few close calls. They get the charge in place and are about to breach when they're spotted by rotodrones. Jane immediately detonates the charge and jumps through the hole, along with Bannerette. Dr Lollipop moves in with her mech. Geilrid and Jane fight rotodrones and employees, whilst Dr Lollipop fights the large drones and the turrets. Bannerette retrieves the toy, and they all book it out of there.


Mr Johnson has his item, and the team have their nuyen.


--- Run Rewards for "Family Unfriendly NERPS" (Deadly, 20 RVP)

  • 30k nuyen or double that in laser weaponry or USED cyberware - 15 RVP
  • 5 karma - 5 RVP
  • Jane Excalibur can buy off Phobia (Mild) (Laser Weapons) [out of karma first]
  • Bannerette can buy Adrenaline Surge [RVP out of karma first]


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Lasers!? Who the hell uses lasers!? I'm no sci-fi space marine, but it sure felt as such charging towards that damn toy. I can't believe how many bullets it took to blow that safe open too. Guess that is one valuable kids toy. In any case, the light show was pretty cool.

Dr. Lollipop

Ah a new big laser. Fantastic. I'll install it in my new VAN and then PEW PEW PEW I'll get rid of the stupid Skiletos if they ever get in my way again. Btw that Ares store was pretty well guarded. Very strange. I wonder if it gets raided more often.