Paleblood Moon

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Paleblood Moon
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Terrorists
Crazy Hoof
Infected Terrorists x8
Casualties and losses
Roughed up a bit All the terrorists (some of them twice)


A shady UCAS Black Ops guy hired runners to respond to terrorists planning to release nerve gas in seattle.


The terrorists aquired military hardware and holed up in seattle.

The Meet

Alfred Bester (The J) Met with Pell, Hoof, and Oathbane first because Bannerette and Rooster were slightly late to the party, due to extenuating circumstances. Bannerette recognized Alfred from a previous mission, but didnt say much about it. The team agreed to take on the terrorists, with limited information, in exchange for 30k nuyen.

The Plan

After locating the terrorists, do some reconnaissance, and take down the terrorists before they get a chance to make a move.

The Run

Oathbane did some matrix legwork for the team, and tracked the targets to a burned out husk of a building in redmond. The team rolled up for some physical recon, only to find no ward or guards posted outside. However, they managed to spot the minefield that had been laid out in front of the exit. They decided to attempt entry, but accidently triggered the minefield. Hoof saved the team with a noble sacrifice, and they were able to perform a Chuck and Charge dynamic entry, which set off a stored mine and unleashed most of the nerve gas in the basement.

Chemsealed, the team proceeded in, with Pell particularly moving at incredible speeds (even for shadowrunners). Bannerette laid down some fire, Hoof set off a grenade in his hand and cleaved down enemies, Pell flung spells, Oathbane played matrix support and helped the team dodge the attacks, and Rooster cast some spells as well. In the fight, Rooster's chemsealed was punctured, but he managed to get away before it became a problem. After dispatching the bad guys and saving the day, several of them got back up from regeneration, revealing their infected nature (though it was already suspected). They were quickly put down again.


The J recevied proof of death, infection, and a light amount of intelligence from the site. Nobody in redmond was dumb enough to go near the building surrounded by land mines and leaking nerve gas, so there was no collateral damage.


30k Nuyen (15 RVP)
5 Karma (5 RVP)


Optional, taking from above rewards:
Alfred Bester (To Be Made) C6/L1 (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Counter Terrorists win! Haha just kidding, but I didn't expect them to be infected when I took the job. Not to be too disparaging to some of my colleagues, but it was probably for the best, since they were probably doing some bad stuff before the nerve gas plot we foiled. Im glad I didnt get scraped though, maybe I should up my armor just in case... Also my fucking car got a dent from a tree! Thats gonna be a pain in the ass to buff out.


That run was some real drek. We were just supposed to deal with some terrorists or some drek, ken? But, like, they had LOADS of nerve gas and they got back up after we killed them. We had to kill them again. They stayed dead when Pell killed them though... I think I might need one of those huge rifles, even though I couldn't use it while riding. But hey, the money was good.


Fragging ow. Poor sods were at least competent enough to attempt to geek the mage. Hopefully the mages understood why I had to take them out first.

Crazy Hoof

Ah what fun terrorists with nerve gas and land mines. This reminds me of my time in the Aztech military. Always on the front line and always nice to breathe the shit. Next time they should use bigger explosives but for them there is no next time.

Oathbane Stand by and helping my team. i seem to always get into job-fighting those who have turned...