In Hoof We Trust

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In Hoof We Trust
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Jenny Smokes
Crazy Hoof F3 Bloodspirit
F8 Free Bloodspirit
Casualties and losses
F3 Bloodspirit,Bloodmage,F8 Free Bloodspirit


Hoof is called to an unofficial Knight Errant assignment in Redmond. Once there, he discovers that a blood mage has invaded a school. Hoof does everything in his power to save the children and the reporter.


A free blood spirit has decided to teach a crazy blood mage and use him for his purposes. Frank has been on the trail of the two for a while and can finally put them in Redmond in a supposedly abandoned school building. However, the school was not abandoned but illegally continued to operate and there are many children and teachers on site. Frank has the school building surrounded, but KE is officially not responsible. To make matters worse, there is a reporter on site who could turn the whole thing into a media circus and Frank is worried that KE could suffer damage to its image. So Frank decides to call the only contact that could be stupid.... er brave enough to go in there and save the situation.

The Meet

Hoof, after a relaxing afternoon of math lessons from a teenage ghoul teacher, gets a call from Frank Grover who needs him urgently for an assignment in Redmond. Hoof doesn't mess around and accepts without asking for payment and Frank sends a squad car. On the way, Hoof is briefed on the situation at the school.

The Plan

KE shows Hoof an old escape tunnel that is laid out in troll size and Hoof decides to get into the school via this route. But let's face it Hoof didn't really make a plan.

The Run

Hoof enters the first room in the basement. It looks like no one has been here for months. After a short investigation, Hoof finds out that the door to the school is equipped with a trap. With some skill he manages not to trigger the grenade. Since he has been quiet until now, Hoof decides to take a tactical approach that is rather unusual for him. He sneaks into the building. At least Hoof thinks he is sneaking. But you can't expect too much, usually the enemies hide from Hoof and not the other way around.

He finds a staircase leading to the second floor and can hear something splashing there. In addition, soft sobbing sounds of children can be heard a little further away. Hoof looks around the corner and sees a blood spirit that he takes a closer look at despite the BGC. Since it's only a small blood spirit and he can't get any further without taking it out of the way, Hoof decides to put it out of action with a well-aimed throw. After the ghost has disappeared thanks to a good hit, Hoof storms up the stairs and is immediately confronted with a blood mage who summons another more powerful blood spirit. Hoof is about to teach the blood spirit and his master that he is the king of the food chain when a small reporter with a flying drone camera jumps around the corner and stands in the way. Hoof yells at her to hurry up and leave the building, but the reporter doesn't listen, so Hoof engages the blood spirit and the blood mage in hand-to-hand combat and takes them both out.

Hoof ignores the annoying reporter for a moment and opens the door to the children and their teachers to order them out of the building via the basement. The teachers report a troll-sized monstrous figure that has also invaded the school and is holding some teachers captive. Hoof promises to take care of it. When all the children and teachers have left, Hoof notices that the reporter is still there. He tells her to leave the building too. She doesn't want to go, believing this is her breakthrough story, so Hoof reluctantly gives up and orders her to stay behind him. Hoof is just about to turn the corner of the floor when a monstrous blood spirit breaks out of one of the doors and throws the reporter into the room where the kids were before. Hoof immediately goes on the attack, but the free blood spirit is a dangerous opponent and uses HEMORRHAGE to harass Hoof. The reporter is also hit by it. Hoof manages to split the blood spirit with his axe. He grabs the reporter and the half-dead blood mage and storms outside for KE to save the reporter. Luckily KE has medics on site and Jenny Smokes can report on her adventure with Hoof afterwards. When the situation calms down and Hoof realizes that he is still being filmed, he says to the camera: "If you have problems like this, you better call Hoof."


A report by Jenny Smokes appears showing Hoof heroically containing the blood mage threat in Seattle and rescuing the school's children and teachers.


  • 15 karma (15 RVP)
  • 10k nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 2 CDP (0 RVP)


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

MUUHHH that was an action. Glad to be able to save the kids and their teachers. Blood Spirits are no fun, I've seen them in action many times during my days at Aztech. But they are weak like all non-ghouls. The reporter seems quite nice, she contacted me and wanted to hear my perspective on what was happening. I've made sure that KE is presented in a good light and made it clear to everyone that ghouls are the best. Everyone should know by now. So if you too have bigger problems - call Hoof.