Hoofing It To The Mountaintops

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Hoofing It To The Mountaintops
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Metaplane Entities
Crazy Hoof 7xChupacabra
Hoof IG Run


Hoof is kidnapped into a metaplane of vampires and must fight his way back across a mountain. Fortunately, Kalanyr appears at the end and brings him back to Seattle.


Hoff was kidnapped by unknown people for unknown reasons while he was sleeping and abandoned on a meta plane armed only with his underpants.

The Meet

The awakening at a blood lake was probably also the meeting. Consisted of a slap in the face from Hoof to make sure he wasn't still asleep.

The Plan

Hoof has started to explore the area and collect equipment. So he was able to get a chain mail, an axe, a cape, an improvised shield from a door and a necklace from a ritual stone. Pretty soon he came across some children with whom he talked. They were brought from Seattle to this meta plane by a cloaked figure in a hooded cloak. Hoof asked their names and promised to let their parents know. After some time the hooded figure also appeared and Hoof had a nice conversation with them. After the masters of the meta plane in the form of a voice from heaven had introduced themselves, Hoof could choose from three options. To seek out a tornado. Climb a mountain to see the moon and ask a powerful entity of his choice for help. Or to follow the order of the lords of the meta plane and slay an Aztech witch in her tower. Hoof chose the mountain and try to reach Kalanyr.

The Run

So Hoof makes his way across the boardwalks he can walk on thanks to his adept powers and through an icy shower of blood towards the mountain range 200 kilometers away. After a rest in between, he reaches the mountains and begins to climb them - which, thanks to his hydraulic Jacks, works reasonably quickly. As the peaks disappear in the fog and blood rain he is disappointed to find only a hole in the mountain on the first peak. After a short investigation he finds that hundreds of ghouls are sleeping here. So he quickly goes back outside and concentrates on the next peak. He manages to climb it in a cold of -40 degrees Celsius, but at the summit he is met by floating rock formations and a huge tree that, upon closer inspection, reveals dragon signatures. Hoof has to jump over the rocks to reach the tree. When he starts to do so, he is intercepted by 7 Chupacabra. 5 try to block his way while 2 shoot at him with huge bows and arrows with magic prepearates and poison. After a half fight in which Hoof is also hit by a lightning bolt and a daring jump he can cross over to the rock with the tree. He also manages to take out the two archers and a final fight breaks out between Hoof and the last Chupacabra that hovers in the air and spits acid at him. When this enemy is also overcome, Hoof examines the tree more closely and can discover some symbols and a kind of shrine. He sacrifices the two captured bows there and waits for the weather to improve to see the moon. The enormous cold is getting to him and when the weather clears he is just conscious but frozen. Kalanyr appears and realizes that Hoof has no business being here. He summons a spirit to open a gateway to Seattle for Hoof, which costs Hoof a favor that the dragon will call in one day. Hoof dares to ask Kalanyr to find out who sent him here, then quickly goes through the portal, hoping not to arouse the dragon's wrath. He arrives in Seattle in daylight where another ghost hands him a cloak and a gas mask and then disappears. With his last ounce of strength, Hoof runs the few miles home and lies down to sleep for 24 hours.


  • Hoof informs the children's parents where they are and that they are currently safe.


  • 25 Karma due to life and death experiences and turning the weird necklace's energies into his own power as well as informing missing children's parents the kids are alright (fuck you Offspring)
  • 8 CDP
  • IG Reward for Hoof

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

That would probably have been the dream of every vampire this meta plane. I could not stand them. Should I ever find out who put me there and especially why this person better have a damn good explanation or he can admire the radishes from below after my axe split his skull. I definitely need to work on my home security. I hope the children continue to do well - their parents know. We better find out quickly what's going on in the neighborhood.