Some Very Angry Drugs

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Some Very Angry Drugs
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Crazy Hoof
五代ロータス (Godai rōtasu)
Poor Chromed Up Bastard
Casualties and losses
Maybe That Dude, We Didn't Kill Him Ourselves.


Tasked with taking in a razorboy who hadn't paid his bills, the group started brainstorming ways to bring him in alive due to employer preference. Plan A was chemical bomb vest on the biggest teammate while spirits held the target down, Plan B was Godai using exlposives and called shots to disable him, Plan C was to for everyone and there mom to hit him really hard.


A customer of "Doc" Mortimer was late in his payments for his cyberware and surgery, the crew was then hired to take this customer back in for "repo".

The Meet

Simple, we showed up to a too normal to not be sketchy building and worked out the details of payment and goals.

The Plan

Plan A: Gigabite will rig up a vest for Hoof to wear, the vest will contain non-lethal chemicals and aerosol dispersal methods. We then corner the target in a small enclosed space, pin him (hopefully with spirits), and deploy the gas. Simple.

Plan B: Godai will fire an explosive arrow into the target's thigh, hopefully disabling him for about 1 minute in which time the rest of the crew secure the poor sod.

Plan C (The Nuclear Option): The whole gang does their best to kill him, focusing on his head.

The Run

Light legwork allowed us to find exactly where the target was. We also managed to get the chemicals set up in record time. We go in, fail to pin him, gas him, shoot him, and eventually knock him unconsious. We bring him in dying but alive to Doc, and make our sweet sweet nuyen.


Everyone was very happy.


30k Nuyen, or twice in 'ware 19 or below (15 RVP) 5 Karma (5 RVP)


Optional, taking RVP from the above: Redliner (10 RVP) 'Doc' Mortimer (C3/L3) (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That Doc Martin character is an interesting fellow. In any case, the job was pretty simple. Tickles and another spirit helped pin down a guy who owed some money so we could take him in alive. I'm told he stayed that way after the ware was reclaimed, but I do wonder... We did also destroy his house in the process, but then again, he should have payed his bills! Speaking of bills actually, let me go make sure my rent is paid.

Crazy Hoof

The run went exactly as I planned it. Go in, knock them out, collect the money. Ok the rest of the team had some tricky ideas that I didn't understand and Giga (she's so000 cool) attached some gas grenades to me and then detonated them. But bottom line, exactly my plan.


Very spicy run, very slippery target. Everything turned out okay in the end, at least. Paid well, too.


This is why I keep my old training in mind. Guy could've maybe run away, but we got the right setup and gassed the drekhead down without much issue. Had to direct folks around a bit on comms, I guess shot calling is a way to help as well. Some folks need a bit of direction...