And Definitely Don't Mess With Crazy Knights

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And Definitely Don't Mess With Crazy Knights
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch
La Rapide
Crazy Hoof
Casualties and losses


Sir Boris hires the runners to destroy a coven.


A coven in Puyallup had been causing several disappearances, so Sir Boris hired some runners to go splat.

The Meet

The runners went to Sir Boris's 'castle', saw him standing dramatically on the roof, and when they went in were met by an anthrodrone in a medieval peasant's clothes, who directed them to the roof of the castle tower, where Sir Boris gave them a rundown on the mission, giving them some leads.

Raps turned down his offered favour in place of more money for obvious reasons.

On the way down the stairs, they gave way under Hoof, who barrelled into Raps on his way down.

The Plan

The runners searched the matrix to find a location frequented by the coven, and Raps persuaded the general location of the coven from the fearful inhabitants of the bar via the purchasing of drinks.

The runners then decided to kidnap one of the coven and interrogate them.

The Run

The capture and interrogation was successful, Raps subsequently draining the mage and Hoof then eating their corpse. Waste not, want not.

The runners then went with a frontal attack, prevailing with little damage, Hoof even shrugging off a Sunbeam.


The runners returned to Sir Boris, who was still standing there, and thanked them for a job well done and gave them their money.


24k Nuyen (12 RVP)

8 Karma (8 RVP)



Nasty Trog for Hoof (5 RVP)

Practice, Practice, Practice (Artisan) for Raps (2 RVP)

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