The Infected and the Bugbears

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The Infected and the Bugbears
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Bug Spirits
Crazy Hoof
Heart of the Tempest
La Rapide
6xBug Polar Bear


The Runners are flown into Arctis to recover a rare metal. It turns out that the previously sent scouts had a bug shaman with them who has turned some polar bears into dangerous monsters. The runners can recover the metal but not without being hit by a very large magical radiation.



The Meet

The team is flown to the Arctic and meets an Aztechnology J. He explains that he wants a special metal from the Arctic but that it is defended by other forces. Therefore, he wants the Runners to get it. He offers the Runners 18,000 Nuyen, all accept (Hoof because he get a call form Kalanyr). After that, the runners receive an AR file with the map of the area. There are also two scouts missing who should be brought back if the runners find them. In addition, the J comes out after a while with the fact that there is Sun Spot activity in the area. Aurora Burialis is possible in the area and caused high background radiation.

The Plan

Drive with the Snow Mobil to the given coordinates. Yes, that was the plan.

The Run

On the way, the runners see some polar bears near the coordinates. Tempest and Raps determine that they are Bug Spirits. The Runners prepare for a confrontation. One of the Bugbears has prepared an ambush and attacks the vehicle on the way. Hoof just manages to avoid it and a fight with the bears breaks out. The Runners are able to overpower the Bears but are immediately hit by an Aurora Burialis. They manage to find and recover the cerrukite despite the increasing background radiation. The Runners make their way out of the aurora. While Tempest and Hoof remain conscious thanks to their Pain Editors, La Rapide takes Numb. Just as the Aurora is dying down, the vehicle is almost hit by a meteor spell. The two scouts they are supposed to be looking for are visible on the horizon. The Runners indicate that they are allied and approach cautiously. However, they are attacked again, whereupon Hoof makes short work of the mage and Tempest takes out the mundane scout but does not kill him. They wake up the scout again, threaten him and question him. It looks like he was allied with his friend the Bug Shaman. They decide to bring the corpse and the living scout to the J, who gets rid of the scout without further ado.


The J is satisfied and pays the runners. He informs Hoof that Aztech wants to use him again in the future. Hoof then buries the hatchet with Aztech.


  • 8k nuyen - 9 RVP
  • 11 karma - 11 RVP
  • 2 CDP

Optional (pick one)

  • SURGE 1 for - 10 RVP
  • SURGE 2 for -15 RVP
  • SURGE 3 for -20 RVP and -10 GMP/Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

Wow has it gotten to the point where my old company needs me so much that they are using a dragon to hire me? I feel honored. Maybe it's time to see Aztechnology in a different light. However, I don't understand how they could hire a shaman. The reconnaissance department still leaves something to be desired. But we are used to surprises and with the two Banshee at my side nothing can go wrong. Well, Raps looked pretty battered and that magic light was really unpleasant. My body is changing just I hope not only for the worse.

Heart of the Tempest

Blegh. Fuckin' aurorae, and stupid me eating another vamp. An extra concentration of whatever makes us Infected, catalysed by a fucking aurora - enough background count I was nearly knocked out - and I'm mutating more. Not gonna deny some of them are nice, but... the cold of that ice sheet won't leave me. And... always blood.