Proverbs 30:14

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Proverbs 30:14
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Order of The Temple
Crazy Hoof
La Rapide
Casualties and losses
Justin Thorpe


The 162's had been hit in several locations by a force from the Catholic church they believed to be part of the Order of the Temple, the team were hired to track down the leader of this task force known as Justin Thorpe and take him out as well as his back up units.

The Meet

The runners meet Metric, a newbie fixer and ganger for the 162's at the (no)Hope Community Center, a place in Redmond for hungry ghouls to get free food and also learn basic running skills. The details of the jobs were explained at the meet before explosions started ringing out downstairs and the team realised the community center was under attack.

The Plan

Don't die.

The Run

Justin Thorpe had learned of the community center and had hired a decker to snoop on the 162's upon hearing they were hiring runner reenforcements he decided to crash the meet and wipe out this force before it became a problem, along with a lot of the ghouls that God had tasked him to destroy.

After a hard fought battle several members of the 162's guards were killed, several infected civilians were dead, and between the 3 of them the runners managed to wipe out the attacking force of fanatics. Not before Justin Thorpe manaball'd himself rather than being taken alive, and once he was downed the last guard chose to take his own life and damn his soul to hell instead of becoming infected.


The 162's are very grateful to the runners.

The Order of the Temple lose a very valuable task force.

The (no)Hope Community Center is burned as a safe haven for ghouls in Redmond.


Run Rewards for "Proverbs 30:14" (20 RVP)

20000 Nuyen (10 RVP)

10 Karma (10 RVP)


Crazy Hoof IG1

+5 162's Rep


Dry Addict Guts for la Rapide (2 RVP)

Mundance Ascension for Gigabite (up to 5 RVP)

-Wanted Krime Confederate w/ Smartlink is 22F (20F base + 2R from Smartlink Integration), thematics approved.

Legendary Rep 162's for Gigabite (RVP)

Perfect Time for Crazy Hoof (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

Ghouls are the best. You just have to acknowledge that. Unfortunately, there were probably a lot of new ghouls on site when we were attacked. I stood at the front and smashed heads. I can do that extremely well. I was even able to convince a fire spirit that this is not his home. Then I took a lot from this half-strong wimp mage. He was so scared of me that he killed himself. Weak non-ghouls can't even look me in the eye without killing themselves. This giant woman was really cool. Has some good instructions in combat and seems to have a good attitude.

la Rapide

Well, I think I can say that I now know how people look from Lollipops perspective. I'm honestly a bit surprised that Gigabites made it into the building, without hitting her head 5 million times. Well, at least I got to murder a few of those fuckers before I went down. Really need to work on not going unconscious from all the pain though. Could have cost me my life, or at least a second arm if that mage knew how to use a sunbeam. And that Minotaur is a fucking mess. Infected supremacy is a very thin line to walk on, but as long as he doesn't do anything stupid... Well, it might be fine.


As much as I try to be friends with anyone I come across, that minotaur... he reminds me of the Dark a bit too much. It's too close for comfort. I wish I could talk him out of it, but I don't think he's gonna snap out of it easily. That kinda thing just gets you into pointless mass murder, that's no way to live in this world. You're gonna get gunned down, hated by everyone and used for propaganda. It's better to not give 'em any ammo and play it smart... I don't even know if I did the right thing here. I get most of those people weren't responsible, but... it was 162s folks regardless. Fraggin' Tamanous has its fuckin' hand wrapped right around 'em.