Fast Tempo

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Fast Tempo
Part of Up Tempo
LocationCarribean League
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ghost Cartel Pirate Ship
Crazy Hoof
Physical Adept
High Level Gangers
Casualties and losses
Hunter got beat up a little bit Mage, PhysAdept, Decker lost a leg, gangers captured alive Most of the pirates


The team was tasked by an intimidating J working for aztech to steal some drugs that were popular in the 70s.


Bannerette was dealing with sir cuddles the bear destroying all her furniture when she got a call from Knife. Ever the eloquent speaker, he said two sentences and hung up.

Hunter was drinking some questionable substances when he got a call from Alexey Dorosov, who wasn't particularly pleased with the manner in which he was answered. Thankfully, Hunter had the wisdom not to drive to the meet while under the influence and walked.

Reaper was having a fight with an old enemy, who seemed not to remember her. After getting beat by repeated nerve strikes, reaper went down and was informed that they did remember and were just fucking with them. The made their way to the meet shortly after.

Crazy Hoof was having a pleasant dream concerning an epic battle between him and the giant aztech pyramid in downtime. He slowly lost ground before waking up to find his commlink destroyed, and several missed calls. He managed to avoid being late to the meeting, but was also the only one who was not informed they were working for Aztechnology

The Meet

The team filtered into a seedy taco place, devoid of anyone before long, to meet their J. When the team took a look at her on the astral, they found she was masking as a houseplant with magic 24. Hoof and Bannerette ended up a little panicked, but made it through the meet. The job was to travel to the Caribbean League, and track down a stockpile of "tempo" (a drug that was big in the 2070s, a sort of super cocaine). Transport was arranged by reaper's fixer, through Bilge-Rat Jones.

The Plan

The first step was to track down the location of the drug shipment, and after that to secure it and then deliver it back to the J.

The Run

While in transit on bilge-rat's ship, the team came under attack by another pirate ship which blew a hole clean in the side of their hermetically sealed compartment. After some fighting, the ship was sunk and the surviving pirates were brought on board. In the aftermath of that, Janet tracked down the location of the drugs down to a warehouse on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba. The gang got ahold of "Bob" the rental car guy. Bannerette was unable to bridge the language barrier, so janet took over, and they managed to get a car.

They went the warehouse in question, and waited while bannerette and hunter went for recon. They got unlucky, and were spotted by a spirit who threw needles filled with Gamma Scopolamine. Bannerette and Hunter beat a hasty retreat away from the building after capturing a lot of intel. Afterward, bannerette moved to a sniper position 800 meters away and would be joined by hunter after some healing was done. In the interim, she performed constant surveillance on the gang to make sure they wouldnt get a shipment out before the team could strike.

The team staged an ambush, and took the gang by surprise because they were only aware of Hunter and Bannerette. Bannerette shot a magic 9 mage that had been spotted previously through a solid concrete wall, nearly killing him. Reaper followed up by turning him into swiss cheese. Crazy Hoof axed his way through the gang, murderizing a physical adept who was also holding syringes in a single swing. By the end, the remaining gangers surrendered and the drugs were taken to the J.


The team met with the J in international waters to deliver the tempo captured. In exchange they gained a significant amount of rewards.

The adept crazy hoof killed went missing suspiciously afterwards. Possibly due to infection. Only time will tell!


Choose up to 40 RVP from the following:
80k nuyen or double that in cyberdecks or 'ware - 40 RVP (may be taken partially)
15 karma OR Delta Clinic Access - 15 RVP
6 karma - 6 RVP
Bilge-Rat Jones Connection 3 Smuggler at Loyalty 2 - 4 RVP
+5 Aztechnology Rep
-15 Ghost Cartels Rep

Hoof: IF you take Delta Clinic Access you MAY CHOOSE to have a Cranial Microbomb installed at 0 nuyen cost (controlled by Aztechnology).

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I saw bilge-rat! What a guy, it had been too long. In any case, it was an exciting adventure fighting pirates and gangers. I made an awesome shot! Straight through solid concrete from 800 meters, that weird mage had no idea what hit him. Shame he managed to pull through, I get the sense he got very lucky on it though. Reaper finished him off. Anyway, now that my smartlink is upgraded, I don't have to deal with that goddamn piss yellow HUD anymore.

Crazy Hoof

What a run for my old employer. I was shot at with ship cannons and sank a pirate ship in hand-to-hand combat. A large number of bullets were fired at me. Actually a perfect run. Unfortunately, I'm a bit confused now because I don't know if Aztechnology realized that I'm just the best or not. Depressive MUUUUHHHH.


This deck is hyper-offensive. The one I got for the job, I mean. It screams 'special operations' to me, since I've seen similar layouts before in the Army. It's... nostalgic, almost. Had to rewire the new Cultist to work better with my avatar, though. I'm glad we could stop Tempo from getting peddled again, that drek is poison. I don't think I exactly -want- to run with that insane minotaur again. Just being near him was revolting. Everyone else, though, especially Bannerette were delights to work with. Felt like a genuine pro, honestly!