Fire Eaters

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Fire Eaters
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Le Bourguinion
Ares Subsidiaries
Crazy Hoof
Red Rain
6 Convoy Guard
Casualties and losses
None 6 wounded during car crash.


The N-51 mercenary branch led by the Bourguinion is trying to find an use for their A400M with the eruption of wildfire in California they try to turn the plane into a bootleg fire fighting plane and for that they need some pump...Big pump.


Le Bourguinion is trying to get a good public image with the N-51 (mainly to cover the act of Commander and his Clandestine Operation). According to this he decide to put to use the A400M the transport plane of the N-51 who don't see service that often. They strap water tank inside it but need pump to gather the water quickly. Commander drop some reseach and found a model that could fit in the plane and could fill the tank in 5 minutes which is pretty good. But since they can't really buy it and get it delivered fast, Le Bourguinion prefer to send runner to steal the whole thing.

The Meet

The meet occured at Seattle Outpost with the team seeing the place busing with activity, troopers gathering firefighting gear and parts for the retrofitting of the airplane, alongisde some humanitarian supplies (foods and medecine). Le Bourguinion welcome the runner and as always the briefing is pretty quick and straighforward, they know that at Tacoma's dock the model that would be a perfect feet is waiting to be delivered, so the runners have chance to snatch it. Tho this time he can't offer big pay as they invest some money in the upgrade made to the plane, but since the whole thing is for a good cause the runners accept the low payment. The N-51 also provided Red Rain some cable and hook in case she would need to hold the container (or the pump) with her VTOL

The Run

The team did go right to the Tacoma's dockyard sending Voiceless in recon. With the intel the area they had to search for the container was already greatly reduced having a few containers and a warehouse to check. Sadly for the team the container was hold inside the warehouse which made the pick up pretty hard. At first Pell suggested that they could steal a truck and run away with the container, but Voiceless overheard a conversation between workers and noticed that some Ares Subsidiaries was supposed to pick up the said container to bring it at an unknown location.

According to this new information the team preparred for an hijack off the truck and Red Rain carefully plan an escape route to get back to Redmond after the heist, while Pell, Voiceless and Hoof prepared to get rid of any escort the convoy could have. Around 8 PM two GMC sidewinder and a truck came to pick up the container and the team followed and attack them. Voiceless smashed the tire of the first car as the ambush begun. The team outperform the poor convoy defender sending the two Sidewinder to crash after a few good shot. Pell and Voiceless then took control of the truck and to celebrate Red Rain made a sweet air stunt with Hoof holding outside of the VTOL.


The Team would bring back the truck to the N-51 Seattle Outpost, where the container is quickly open and the pump attached to an helicopter that bring it to the main base to be mounted on the A400M. The team is payed and offered a place alongside the N-51 mercenary that are going to be sent to help in the Firefighting procedure. Thought there is a fair warning that will get attention from the media.


14000 nuyens (7 RVP)

9 Karma (9 RVP)


Optionnal Reward :

Fame : Local (Seattle/California) (4 RVP) (The runners took the Opportunity from le Bourguinion to help taking care of the wildfire in diverse way and are catch alongside the N-51 by the media)

Optionnal contact Le Bourguinion (3/3 for 5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Can't say that I've directly helped fight the forest fires down south in the CFS before. Still, we have a LAV pilot on the Haven, WTF.

Crazy Hoof

Ah my mentor was really happy with me that I did something good - MMMMUUUUHHHH. Jumping out of a plane is really fun I'm really glad I bought the JetPack. Red Rain is a really cool ghoul and a prime example of why I always say ghouls are the best.


That was one of the more interesting runs I've been part of. Getting the pump wasn't much of an issue, once we figured out where it was, just a simple matter of persuading the lead and chase vehicles to get out of the way and convincing the driver not to put up a fight. Hope he didn't get fired, but... What can you do? Never had to call in water drops before, either, skimmers came in real handy for covering lots of ground to find the worst of the fire.