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Contact OwnerArchtmag
Owner's Discord NameArchtmag
Public Contact?Yes
Preferred Payment MethodHelp, Favors, Knowledge
Personal LifeComplicated
AspectsMystic Master
Servant of Dragons
SK Connections
The Magical Side of Life
Black Operations
Persistent Conditioning
Socially Proficient
Priority Flight
Tooth and Claw


"Marika's other form"

Marika is one of those drakes 'lucky' enough to be born into Lofwyr's ownership. From birth she was molded and trained to be the perfect agent of his will. While trained relentlessly in countless disciplines, the most important lesson that she was taught was deceptively simple. Her place.

Drakes were created to exist as servitors for dragons, free from the terror of a meaningless existence. Gifted with life, she only had to pay with the honor of serving her masters, beings fundamentally greater than her. More perfect, with vision and might beyond her ability fathom. By serving the small role of her life, she would help bring about a greater world.

The lessons ran deep, and Marika dedicated everything to advancing herself, and through that the will of Lofwyr. Over time, she distinguished herself, rising through the complicated internal hierarchy of Saeder-Krupp's drakes, her power and zeal driving her to ever further heights.

Eventually, she found herself working with dragons increasingly often. At first, every encounter was wonderous, a chance to see and learn from those she venerated almost as gods. As time passed though, a thought started to worm through her mind, a treacherous line that she fought and pushed down, yet each time came back a little stronger.

"They aren't better than me."

Far from matching the presence of Lofwyr, whom she had seen on treasured occasions, many of the dragons she worked with and often under, were... lesser. While these dragons were generally competent and at times wise, incidents grew where she surpassed their work, her magical power and drive exceeding those she idolized. With their lesser performances, they were rewarded with power and wealth. Marika's treatment in contrast, varied between the status of a cherished working dog, and that of a tool little better than a slave. As the contradictions grew, the ideals she followed started to chip. A new emotion, resentment, started to follow.

The station she had blindly accepted in life, the degrading tasks, the groveling, the submission and lack of respect. It all started to gall. The life she lived, once everything to her, had now become hollow. But now the question is, what else is there? What else can she be?

Notes for GMs

  • Marika is a Mag 12 draconic magician, amongst a bunch of other things. She's kinda scary in that regard.
  • Marika is kind of having emotional issues right now. She keeps it under a pretty tight lid, but she has spicy mix of resentment, depression and apathy, and fear in there.
  • She's very confident and has a somewhat arrogant demeanor, at least in her professional fields. She has spent a lot of time around dragons after all. She's not an asshole verbally though. It's just kind of a vibe she gives.
  • Her whole life has been planned out for her, and she's still very new at this "making decisions for your own gratification" thing. She's scared to step away from the life she knows, but she can't live like this forever.
  • Coming off that, she's still scared to break with SK. It's her home, and she nothing else yet. While she is working on plans of her own, she is trying to walk a narrow path currently, balancing both.
  • Resenting the younger dragons she's worked with, but at same time feeling like them -being like them- has lead her to a particular goal. While certain individuals might have alluded to her that she's little more than metahuman trash, her form a mere mockery of her betters, she knows that it's true to her, in many ways more than the humanlike flesh she often wears. While some would say she'd deluded or hopelessly arrogant, Marika has a plan. Become a dragon, truly. The essence lives within her after all, it need only be cultivated.
  • Marika often keeps her aloof and closed off face presented. Still, she's pretty desperate inside and as an element of that is reaching for some sort of connection, help, aid. It's a bit of an undefined yearning for something less shitty. However, she's very bad at self-reflection of this sort, so that's not entirely aware to her.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Persistent Conditioning Even when you know you've been manipulated and abused, it doesn't stop it from affecting you, from being real. Marika has difficulties working against Saeder-Krupp or any Dragon if she does not have direction from a superior. For her to work against either, make an Edge + Loyalty test. At base, the threshold is 2. Depending on the situation and context, this can be higher though (GM Discretion). This is in addition to any normal considerations about if she wants to do the action.
Mystic Master Marika is a master magician, capable of summoning any spirit and casting most spells. She can provide mage services and gets a +2 to any test related to magic, or where her magic could assist.
Tooth and Claw Dragons are feared, rightly. Marika gets +2 to any task where her drake abilities could be helpful
Servant of Dragons Marika was molded from birth to serve as a servant to her draconic masters. She has insights few could ever gain. +2 to any tests related to Dracomorphs and their practices.
SK Connections She'd learned quite a bit about her corporation over the years. While she doesn't know everything, she can often find someone who can satisfy a request. +2 to any tests related to Saeder-Krupp, its products, or practices.
The Magical Side of Life Marika's life isn't exactly normal by any common measures. She's found some solidarity, limited as it can be with her position, with other paracritters and magical beings. +2 to tests involving Spirits, Paracritters, and Metasapients. (Dracomorphs included)
Black Operations The life of a drake is service, and service can be unpleasant. +2 to tests relating to Security, Espionage, Wetwork, and Infiltrations.
Secretkeeper Marika's seen more of the terrible than she'd like, but at least it doesn't bother her as much as it once did. She tries not to think about what that means. +2 to tests regarding top-secret information and groups. This includes things such as black-sites, corporate secrets, hidden cabals, and more.
Occultist The best magicians are often selfish and secretive. To discover the true secrets of magic requires deep dedication, a dedication that Marika strives to have. +2 to tests involving esoteric magical lore, rituals, and rare magical effects and manifestations.
Socially Proficient She's had to bullshit her way through enough corporate event as spooky security to at least know how to fit. +2 to tests relating to Corporate Etiquette, Uniforms, Security, High Society, and not making a complete fool of yourself.
Priority Flight If you need transit around the globe, she can try to connect you with the means.


Knowledge Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects
Active Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects
Gear Acquisition Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects
Networking Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects


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Crazy Hoof4+2Even
Katherine Tyler1+2Even

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