A trip to the snow

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A trip to the snow
LocationVladis Hut / Stevens Pass / Salish Shidhe Council
Status Threat Level: medium
Factions Involved
La Rapide
Camila "Novicio" Sanchez
1xAres Executive
4xAres Bodyguard


The Runers exchange a snowbord on the "Vladis Hut" in the Stevens Pass ski area in the Salish Shidhe Council. Ice is recognized by Ares Exec (Alex)ander Robertson thanks to File on Record and arrested by Ares.


Camila wants to replace the snowboard of an Ares executive she knows because she learned that he hangs his snowbaord on the wall of his office. It would be convenient to have a bit of surveillance technology in it.

The Meet

Camila meets with the Runners at Purple Haze the day before the Run. She has ordered typical dishes from her home country for everyone. Since only 0-K eats something, Camila is irritated at first and has to look up what exactly is going on in her instruction files for Runners. After dinner, she tells 0-K, Ice and La Rapide that she wants to exchange the snowboard of an Ares executive named Alexander Robertson for an identical one with surveillance technology. Of course without Robertson noticing anything. Conveniently, Robertson is on the slopes the next day in Stevens Pass in the Salish Shidhe Council about 2 hours from Seattle. Ragarou is usually there to visit "Vladi's Hut". She offers the runners 8.000 Nuyen which Ice in cooperation with La Rapide can increase to 10.000 Nuyen. The runners accept the order and are handed the snowboard.

The Plan

The runners plan to replace the snowboard in teamwork. To do this, Ice starts a diversion while La Rapide stumbles into 0-K at the right time. He has made the snowboard to be exchanged transparent with Looking Glass spell, falls into the other snowboards, conjures Looking Glass on the original snowboard of Robertson and exchanges them.

The Run

The Runners start with the leg work. Everyone gets winter gear. Ice searches for 6 hours for secret information about Alexander Robertson. She finds out that he is a sonny boy, hangs his snowboard behind his desk, accompanies a higher post in middle management, is typically accompanied by several bodyguards and is currently working on a secret weapons project. Ice then contacts Jade, who she convince to get them across the border in exchange for a favor. Jade agrees and organizes everything so that she can get through to Stevens Pass as a celebrity without any problem. They agree to meet at her Bellevue the next day at 8am. Ice spends the rest of the night getting a Burner SIN. She shows up at Jade's house the next day ready to go, where they also meet K-0 and La Rapide . Thanks to her sleep regulator, she can catch up on her sleep quite quickly during the trip and by taking a short nap in Vladi's Hut. With the help of Jade, the runners cross the border without any problems and reach Stevens Pas in the allotted time. 0-K then treats himself to a hot chocolate for 20 Nuyen. After paying a day ticket for 1000 Nuyen they go up to Vladis Hut. There they first look for Robertson in the outside area but cannot find him. La Rapide decides to take up position outside. 0-K and Ice go into the hut. Both the outside area and the hut are already very busy. Ice has a short talk with the Orcish security man who does this as a vacation job. He has never seen Robertson before and can't help Ice. Robertson remains missing. The Runners decide to wait and after an hour and a half Robertson finally arrives at Vladi's Hut. He and his 4 companions who are very obviously bodyguards take a seat outside and put their identical looking snowboards against the wall. La Rapide remembers exactly which snowboard is the right one and calls the team outside. Afterwards, the plan is briefly made, which can be seen under "The Plan". Ice rushes to Robertson's table and makes a scene in which she pretends to be an ex and rejected lover of his. The bodyguards are very suspicious and stop her before she can get to Robertson. Robertson is confused, as he has had several love affairs, not so many with dryads, but enough to make him think about it. Ice becomes louder in the meantime to increase the distraction. This is the right time for La Rapide and 0-K to start their show. Both bump into each other and cause even more chaos. 0-K manages to perform the exchange action and the necessary spell in a very short time. Just in time before the bodyguards intervene. They have become very cautious and stand protectively in front of Robertson. Since Ice forgot to put on her Faceless Tool, Robertson recognizes her after a short search in the Renraku Host, thanks to File on Record over her. He doesn't understand what the whole thing is about, but lets his bodyguards arrest her and interrogate her in Seattle. La Rapide and 0-K decide not to intervene.They then drive back to Seattle with Jade. La Rapide then informs Camila about the success of the operation. She wants to see everyone the next morning to deliver the money. La Rapide is able to convince her to make the meeting in the evening. Around noon the next day, Ice is literally kicked out of the Ares office in Seattle with a clear message to never show his face again. Together, the Runners go to meet Camila and receive their promised reward.


  • Camilla is happy to have successfully completed her first assignment for Shadowrunner without getting into trouble with the finance department.
  • Ares decided to start a small PR campaign for her to make everyone realize what a great person she is.


  • 10.000 Nuyen (5 RVP) -
  • 6 Karma (6 RVP) -
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • Optional: Camila "Novicio" Sanchez C3/L2 (4RVP or 8 CDP)
  • Optional Quality for Chargen Cost: Groupthink (5 RVP)
  • Ice: get the negative Quality Bad Reputation (-7 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

la Rapide

How do I get sent to the Cascade mountains 3 times in a row? Like don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful area, well mostly, but it's still weird. At least this time it wasn't a mana warp, but still less nice than my first time. And this Ice girl, that one is completely lost. Hos can you forget that you got beef with a mega? Like seriously?


Guessed it would have happen someday, stumbled into goons of Ares who just took me out and arrested me, hopefully they JUST released me and just send a lot of information about my action with Ares in the Matrix...Let's hope that people are not going to look too much into it.