Prometheus 4

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Prometheus 4
Locationunder the sea
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
The Incredible Behemoth
La Rapide
4 Virus Monster
4 Virus Soldier
9 Virus Bombs
Virus Big Boy
Casualties and losses
2 Virus Monster, 1 Virus Soldier, 9 Virus Bombs - all of them after a torpedo hit.


The team is hired to investigate an old underwater station of Proteus AG. Prometheus 4 is the only dome structure that has remained unscathed in the facility. Domes 1 through 3 are flooded. The runners are confronted with a strange virus that has coated the station with a gray slimy secretion and created bizarre hybrids of metahumans and machines that fight the runners as they enter. Unfortunately, for the Merrow they want to save, any help comes too late. The runners manage to escape and the forces of the Sea Dragon destroy Prometheus 4 with a torpedo.


Proteus AG has bred a virus in one of its undersea facilities that allows the connection between humans and machines - skin grows over devices and is integrated. Unfortunately, the virus had an unpleasant side effect - it developed a swarm intelligence. The virus managed to take over the facility with the captured "I mean of course voluntary test subjects". However only male prisoners since no female ones were available. When Proteus AG finds out that the probands are networked and the virus also starts to spread to the station with biomass, they try to contain the experiment, which they do not succeed. So they blow up the plant - but the virus can prevent parts of the blast. Since it still depends on biomass and without female "volunteers" no reproduction can take place, the virus threatens to die out. It develops a method to harvest the surrounding corolla from the seafloor to obtain biomass. Agents (Merrow) of the Sea Dragon become aware of the dying of the corollas. They investigate the plant and are taken over by the virus. Unfortunately, it has two things now: The biological ability to overcome water and female "volunteers". The plant is put by the agents under quarantine, since they still have hope to find their chambermates alive but do not know what lurks in the plant they want to hire Runner to investigate the plant. That is where Sphinx come into scene.

The Meet

The Runners meet up with Sphinx at a fancy fish restaurant downtown. After Sphinx explains the situation and the Runners negotiate, they agree to go out to sea and dive to the station in a submarine to check on the Merrow.

The Plan

The team more or less follows Sphinx's plan. Rap's attempt to find out more about Prometheus 4 fails.

The Run

Shy steers the submarine to the station and is able to dock it. In the background they can see two giant shadows near the station (A submarine and a leviathan). Right in the first room they encounter a strange gray slimy mase that has covered the whole station. Some gray pustules on the floor look strange. When Behemoth hits one of the pustules, it explodes in a mist of acid. The runners try to avoid the pustules and follow the path leading straight away from the docking bay, leaving the doors on the right and left. In the next passage that describes a bend they are attacked by strange half-metahuman half-machine creatures that are also covered with the gray slime. A check with magical vision reveals that some sort of consciousness fog is present throughout the station. The Runners are able to disable the attackers and advance to the next room, but they hear loud stomping footsteps coming in their direction. In the open room, they can see strange-looking eggs. Bulldozer shoots one of the eggs and screams ring out from all directions. A huge monster with claws and a gigantic acid cannon appears in the hallway and fires at the runners, who luckily manage to dodge. It melts away part of the wall and more creatures charge at the Runners. They can now also see what is left of the Merrow. The strange gray stuff has begun to convert their bodies into birthing machines. The Runners fight the giant monster and the waves of enemies and retreat to their submarine. As they fight, the structure of the station is already under heavy attack. After a radio message to Sphinx, the station is destroyed by a torpedo shot.


Prometheus 4 is destroyed and the virus wiped out due to its water intolerance.


  • 30.000 Nuyen (15 RVP)
  • 12 Karma (12 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)
  • +2 Sea Dragon Rep

Optional all:

  • Sphinx (C8/L1) (8 RVP)

Optional: Raps:

  • Mana Compas at Gear Reward from the Nuyen above.


  • Parts of her Ship (GMC Riverine Military) as Gear Reward from the Nuyen above.


  • IG Reward

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Usually prefer to dive by myself but hell that place was scary...Don't really to know what happened there to be honest, enough of the shady project for now... Hell...I need some vacation.