Dogs vs Cats

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Dogs vs Cats
Part of God Save the Queen
Factions Involved
Queen Elizabeth XXIII
John Brown
La Rapide
Frag Face
Dog Cafe
Hired Guards


Frag face, John Brown, Skylark and La Rapide meet with a pair of brothers, one with a cat cafe, one with a dog cafe. Each wanted the other's business destroyed and animals dispersed. The runners decided to go after the dogs almost immediately, out of personal preference, and they went after the dog cafe, where they were faces by a couple of heavily augmented runners, the mage cafe owner, a few cyberdogs, a free guardian spirit in the shape of a dog, and an adept dog shifter. They were all taken out fairly easily, and the runners knocked out the cafe owner and bound him before delivering him to his brother and getting paid, after tearing down the dog cafe.


The runners were contacted by their respective fixers and told to meet two different Johnsons at two different cafes.

The Meet

They all showed up at the cat cafe, most early to play with the cats. When the first Johnson arrived, they were offered 16000 nuyen and the pick of the litter to destroy his brother's dog cage.

The owner of the dog cafe gave them the same offer, and they decided to support the cat cafe.

The Run

The team went in loud through the front door, and Frag Face and La Rapide took the dogs, enemy runners, and dog cafe owner, while John and Skylark provided support from a distance. Then Frag Face tore down the dog cafe with his bare hands, after evacuating six puppies.


The runners gave away six puppies, returned the dog cafe owner to his brother, and negotiated with the free cat spirit they met at the cat cafe, Queen Elizabeth XXIII, who appears to be a rising part in the spirit world...


Queen Elizabeth XXIII as a contact (initially at 3/2)

16,000 nuyen

6 karma

A cat

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John Brown

That was an interesting time. I mean, I didn't do much, all told, that big ork guy really took care of everything, but I made a new friend, and really, isn't that what's important? I think I helped by locking down their mage for a bit, even if he did shut down my casting. And besides, it was all worth it to meet Queen Elizabeth. She's so fluffy! I mean, I follow Raven, for sure, but Lizzy gets it, and I feel like she understands what life is about as much or more than I do. What a spirit!

La Rapide

I must admit, the run was a little bit weird. Two opposed Johnsons, who were Brothers, exchanging their offers, and the only different was cats or dogs? Hopefully never again! But I must admit you can't resist a cat. God save the Queen.

Frag Face

This run was wild. Utter chaos. It was great. We petted cats. What else could one ask for? Nothing, it was perfect. Hell, we even met Queen Elizabeth XXIII. Fluffy, and an air of mystique? Sign me up! She also hates the corps, which is always a bonus.