God Save the Queen

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Queen Elizabeth XXIII, the self-proclaimed Queen of Seattle, has decided that the time has come to start graciously allowing shadowrunners the privilege of her patronage. She

Involved Faction or Individual

The Queen's Court - a group of SINless who the Queen pays in food and nuyen to keep their assorted eyes open on her behalf.

Important Members

Tatsuo - a young oni man who has been honored with the role of the Queen's Steward and Queenie's spirit formula. He is a potent druid and fiercely loyal, and he will fight to the death to defend her formula from those who would abuse it. Santana - a Force 9 guardian spirit who was freed from bondage by a team of runners hired by the Queen. He was grateful, but his level of continued loyalty to the Queen is unknown


  • Bring glory (and karma) to the Queen
  • Protect the poor of Seattle from the corps that would prey on them
  • Protect the rights of spirits


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