Emerald Kitty Blues

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Emerald Kitty Blues
Part of God Save the Queen
Factions Involved
Queen Elizabeth XXIII
Trash Panda



"There's a truly despicable man who both owns something of my Lady's and draws breath. We'd like you to fix both of these. Are you willing to make the world a better place and earn a favor from the Queen of Cats?"

The Meet

A Young Oni, Tatsuo, sitting at picnic tables opposite a gyoza truck meets the team on the edge of Marymoor park. Troika and Twitch all grab some gyoza from the nearby food truck before the team goes to meet with the envoy. Queen Elizabeth XXIII has asked another favor of Skylark. Someone has succeeded to bind the Queen. The group are tasked with killing Carlos Jones, an Aztechnology employee who somehow got themselves booted from the Arcology, who managed to bind the Queen, and possesses her spirit formula, as well as stealing a black book with said spirit formula. They collectively adjourn, heading to Skylark's house to await the Queen spirit's arrival.

The Plan

The Queen arrives, tentative introduction are made, and the Queen opens with an offer- loyalty and/or money for their contribution to their formula. The team does their legwork, getting a lay of the land, the understanding of a strong force guardian spirit at his apartment, and his predilection with a club called Medusa. After some planning, the team secures some Forget-Me-Not, in hopes of getting Troika to get into his presence to knock him out with a neurostun grenade. The team politely stays for dinner at Skylark's place.

The Run

The team arrives and Troika strikes up conversation with the target, moving to one of the corner booths and having a brief, if shallow conversation. The wing-women do notice that there's a magical aura around him, and a fire spirit keeping an eye on things and making him far more suave than he ought to be. A few drugs later (including a few provided from the supply of the group's master thief) and the pair slink off into his car, the target making attempts to put moves on Troika. She feints various ways to try and divert the car, each attempt to try and get them to turn the vehicle around failing. As they arrive, she takes the concealed neurostun grenade they brought with her ends up knocking out the both of them. As others arrive, a quick stim-patch later, the group begins moving a now-unconscious Carlos towards his (not) penthouse apartment. Twitch takes the time to, with some difficulty, disable all the cameras on the way, tripping the IC in the process, but also taking out the poor spider sent to investigate the disturbance. The team arrives, and Troika takes the moment to knife the unconscious man, slitting his throat and letting him bleed out just outside his front door. Trash Panda takes both the opportunity to clean the scene as he's dragged in, before setting out on liberating the contents of his safe (which includes several spirit formulae). The team makes their way from the apartment to the garage, stumbling across two well-disciplined officers investigating the matrix intrusion. A couple of casts of forboding by Skylark sent the two officers running into the night as the team drives off back to Skylark's house.


  • 2 CDP
  • 4k nuyen
  • 13 karma

and either:

  • Queen Elizabeth XXIII as a Loyalty 3 Connection 6 Contact (teksura)
  • Upgrading Queenie's loyalty to 4 from 2 and 1 more karma (Skylark)
  • or 10k nuyen and 3 more karma and 2 CDP (Twitch and Troika)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I was not supposed to be a part of that part of the run. I said this at the beginning. You said okay. I am not cool with how this went down. I'm glad the spirits are free, but... I'm going for a fly to clear my head.


Мне нужно находить лучшее для встречи с людьми... Или никогда не быть без своего оружия.

Я не доверяю этоей Еноту, сейгас--

Во-первых, она не поэволила мне использовать бомбу. Одна бомба в машине цели, "Эй! Я забыла что-то в баре; я вернусь!" Иду в баре. -Бып!- Эта задача решена, дух-хранитель освобожден, мы можем пойти в крартиру без забот.

Во-вторых, газ же не сработало, как сказано! Знаешь ли ты, каково это, когда дух-храниель бьет вас по лицу? Янаю! И эсли был он раньше спал, я бы этого НЕ узнала.

В-третьих, пока Я живу, не хочу больше видеть её наркотики. Я не мог думать. Следующий раз, Я бы лучше спросил Jerry, чем её.

в-четвертых, эсли бы я знал, что вечер будет таким плохим, Я бы позволить ему иметь меня перед cвой смертью. Что-нибудь, что улучшилось в тот вечер.

Следующий раз, мне по хую, что Энот сказат... Буду использовать бомбу и экономлю усилия.


I need to find a better way to meet people... or never be without a weapon.

I don't trust that Raccoon now:

First, she doesn't let me use a bomb. One bomb in the target's car, "Oh hey! I forgot something in the bar; I'll be right back!" I go in the bar. -Beep!- Problem solved, said guardian spirit is free, and we can go to the apartment without issue.

Second, the gas didn't even work like she said. Do you know what it's like to be punched in the face by a guardian spirit? I do! And if he would have been asleep, that's something I WOULDN'T have had to learn.

Third, for as long as I live, I don't want to see any more of their drugs. I couldn't think. Next time, I'd rather get them from Jerry than her.

Fourthly, if I had known that the evening would have been that bad, I would have at least gotten laid before the dude died. Anything to have made that evening better.

Next time, fuck what that Raccoon says... I'm using a bomb and saving myself the effort.


Trash Panda

I didn't think I'd ever have to tell someone that when being stealthy, they should not go announcing their intentions and declaring their hostile intentions to someone who has no idea what is going on. But I guess Тройка needed this instruction. The plan was simple, "Here, take this colorless, odorless gas. Just quietly activate it and they'll never know what hit them."

Тройка interpreted this to mean that they should fragging announce to the entire world that they have a gas grenade and that the target should take advantage of this knowledge to call in spirits they have enslaved to fight. All they had to do was not *tell* the guy that they should start fighting her. Then after they nearly blew the run for us and made everything harder, she had the nerve to get mad at me like it was my fault she started a fight for no reason.


Went well enough. Now my mom thinks I have friends.


Other than that I didn't have much to do out on this one, but we got the Queen what she needed, so I'm happy with that. Also, I should ask Panda for some of their spells- I'd very much like the one that gives dresses pockets.

Oh, and why does everyone think I'm like 12?!