Bunraku Blues

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Bunraku Blues
LocationBunraku Parlour in Bellevue
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Ice Cube
La Rapide
Hot Mess


Baron's car get's vandalised, so the runner's go kick in the teeth of the responsible party's Bunraku Parlour.


Some fraggers decided to smash Baron's car window out. Most brutish behaviour. So Baron wanted revenge, and was willing to pay a team of Runners to do so.

The Meet

The team met Baron at his home in Bellevue to find him pissed off about his nice car getting messed with. Hot Mess and Flyboy point out they can fix the window, but are more than happy to kick some Bunraku slavers aswell. After some interesting negotiation with weird figures, the team settles on 14,051 NuYen for their trouble, and Baron disappears.

The Plan

Following a stake-out of the parlour for a day or two, the team decide that if they hit shortly after 5 am, the parlour will be at it's quietest in terms of both security and late night patrons. A number of options such as gas grenades are proposed, but due to the risk of injury to both the chip-heads and any civilians, they decide a direct full frontal assault where they have the most control would be ideal.

The Run

Flyboy uses Ice Cube's taxi to fly the team above the building, quickly removing the opposition that was stationed on the roof. A large sky-light allowed the taxi into the building, and the 5 gangers who took offence to the sudden appearance of the vehicles were also quickly mince-meated.

The team took a mag-lock card from one of the security guards and swiftly made their way into the staff room that lead to the parlour. Upon their descent a slightly longer firefight occurred but the team did eventually win out.


Those freed from the parlour were dropped off at a suitable street doc.


  • 14,051 NuYen
  • 7 Karma


  • 2 Karma + Sensei (Monowhip)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Pretty standard run of the mill, not a great deal to say really. Glad we were able to help free some innocents from the disgusting hands of Bunraku slavers, and more than happy to help Baron out with seeking revenge for messing with his car.

La Rapide

Quite an interesting person this Baron. I'm glad he could find a mentor for me. Really need the help to improve.