First Light in the Shadows

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First Light in the Shadows
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
la Rapide
A couple Bugs Sec forces
A couple normal sec forces
Casualties and losses
see above


A run in which the team blows up a building guarded by bugs and escapes from KE.


The Meet

The runners meet on a Thursday evening in the Jucy Noodles, a restaurant run by a cook who makes really good pasts really quick. Their J, a Technomancer accompanied by a support mage, greats them and offers them the chance to eat some food.

Their task is to break into an evidence storage building in Renton, get a data chip, cause as much noise as possible, and drive off into the Barrens. The compensation for their efforts will be 20k nuyen, which the team accepts.

The Plan

The plan is simple: Go in there tomorrow night when only the guards are around, crash through the lobby with Canters car, kill all the guards, take the chip, blow up the place and drive off.

Canter does a bit of matrix reconnaissance by hacking into their host. There she discovered the laser turrets in the roof of the place. Unfortunately, she gets spotted and driven out of the matrix before she can destroy all the turrets, so one will have to be enough.

Rambozo gets access to explosives through on of his contacts. He manages to get the test version of the new KRIME™ Genderreveal Party Bombs to try them out and send review footage back.

The Run

The team arrives at midnight in the lobby of the building via Canters car through a window, as planned. The result is a fire- and melee-fight against 3 heavily armoured security personnel, and half a dozen normal guards, all armed with laser weapons and grenade launchers. Thanks to Canters driving,la Rapides whipping, Pells shooting, and Rambozos rocket launchers they manage to decide the fight quickly for themselves. During the combat, they discover that the heavys are actually bug spirits, while the normal guards aren't. Once the last rocket has been fired Canter sets up the gender reveal party bombs and camera, while the rest of the team recovers the data chip.

Once they hear KE coming with their cars and helicopter, Canter does a barrel roll through the blue and pink explosion to get onto the streets. The pursuit doesn't last long though as la Rapide causes one of the drivers to turn away in fear. While Pell creates a floating wall that the helicopter doesn't manage to dodge and explodes. The rest of KE stop the chase, so the team just drives off into the Barrens to let things cool down. After a while, they drop off the chip and all get paid.



10 RVP in Nuyen or Ares Lasers (For Rambozo, may also be KRIME gear)

10 karma

+3 KRIME Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Welp, the bugs were a surprise, to say the least. And the gang's all here! Riggers are goddamn wild.