Trailer Park Chummers

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Trailer Park Chummers
Part of The Farm and The Furious
La Rapide
King HumungaMax
Betameth Gang


A team of runners is contacted by Rodney, a Halloweener who eventually dies as a result of complications from bad drugs. Rodney requests that the team transport him back to the Barrens to be cremated and that they avenge his death. The team links up with Rodney's boss, King HumungaMax, who directs them to destroy a gang of betameth cookers.

The Run

Rodney, dying of organ failure due to contaminated drugs, is forcibly removed from a Snohomish ER due to his inability to pay up. He calls around, eventually reaching Fletchette, and requests that he meet him at the hospital to transport him back to his boss in the Barrens. Wireless, La Rapide, and Turul arrive to assist with avenging Rodney's death, and he pays them each ¥2,000 before expiring. The team throws him in the back of Wireless' G-man van, turn on the sirens, and blow through the border checkpoint to Redmond.

Upon arriving at the Halloweeners' base of operations in the Barrens, the team is greeted by King HumungaMax, who is in the process of mourning the loss three of his subordinates. Wracked with grief, the Halloweener boss is unable to provide any useful information until Fletchette starts to console him. Turul manages to cheer up a pit bull that belonged to one of the deceased, which snaps King HumungaMax out of his funk. King HumungaMax mentions that the three deceased gangers didn't share any circles save for one drug dealer, then provides the team with the commlinks of the deceased. While he doesn't have any cash to pay the team, he offers weapons, and Turul proposes that he keep the Halloweeners out of his neighborhood in the Barrens in exchange for finding and dealing with the drug dealer. King HumungaMax requests that the team minimize collateral damage so as to not affect the local economy or population.

Correlating the contact lists between the commlinks, Wireless manages to locate their mutual drug dealer and traces him to a trailer park. The team reconnoiters the park and assumes control of the security cameras before assaulting it, sneaking in and using the gang's own vehicle mounted machine gun to shoot up the lab before destroying it.


The betameth lab is thoroughly destroyed and the gang wiped out without any damage to the surrounding residences. King HumungaMax honored his deal with Turul to withdraw the Holloweeners from the block around his dojo, and extended permanent rights of safe passage to everyone in the team.


  • ¥2,000
  • King HumungaMax (2/2)
  • 2 CDP
  • 4 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Not a big fan of working with the 'wieeners, but the peace treaty was worth it. The folk in the neighborhood have one less gang, to worry about

La Rapide

That was a easy job. Good to kill the time, and get some more connections. I'm looking forward to working with them.