Don't Mess with Raccoons, Either

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Don't Mess with Raccoons, Either
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon
The Straighter Tots
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Heavy Ordnance
la Rapide
Casualties and losses


A gang was sitting on some shinies that Geoff the Raccoon wanted, he hires the runners to evict these gangers... Permanently.


The raccoon found out about shinies that he didn't have, and decided he wanted them.

The Meet

The runners meet Geoff at a rundown tenement block in Snohomish. He tells them he would like some gangers removed so that he can take their stuff. Drop Dead Gorgeous asks him to consider that there will be more shinies on the bodies of the gangers that he hasn't considered, he likes this idea and increases their pay.

The Plan

Rougarou will stab the guard outside with their claymore, when they gang run out Heavy Ordnance will rocket them and then the team will clean up the gang.

The Run

Rougarou stabs the guard outside, the gang doesn't hear it. So Rougarou starts pumping rounds into the side of the building with her AK, which *does* get their attention. They open the door and receive an anti-vehicle rocket to the first courtesy of Heavy Ordnance. Fire fight ensues and the team quickly dispatch the gang at the warehouse before exfiltrating in case KE turn up.


Geoff gets his Shinies, the team get paid.

The Straighter Tots would have reconsidered the choice of their purple and orange camo gang colours if there were any still alive, which they weren't.


18k Nuyen (9 RVP) or twice that in electronics / drones / vehicles

7 Karma (7 RVP)


Optional, replacing the above rewards:

Geoff Montgomery XLII the Racoon at Loyalty 3 (4 RVP)

Strive for Perfection for Heavy Ordnance (12 RVP)

Perfect Time for Drop Dead (5 RVP)

It Works if You Work It for La Rapide (5 RVP)

Shoot First, Don't Ask for Rougarou or Diarmuid (2 RVP)

Common Sense for Rougarou or Diarmuid (3 RVP)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Raccoons seem more honest than people, shame for all the fleas. I don't know how he managed to get a hold of a lot of electronics, well actually I do, he gets runners to kill gangers and takes them all. Oh yeah.

la Rapide

Well that was an interesting "Johnson". A shame that he didn't really have anything interesting for me. But I guess that was to be expected from the start. At least the "shinies" are somewhat nice. And the warehouse clearing is one of the more pleasant jobs, so I won't complain. This time I even got someone to eat.

Five of Nines

A run with people I didn't know. I did my job, I got paid. People died. All I felt was recoil.


Dealing with the blade and sword, to help a raccoon, is a weird thing but that it pays in the long run and helping the people.