Please Don't Drop It

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Please Don't Drop It
LocationSeattle, Bellvue
Status Threat Level: high
Factions Involved
Sabrin Leng
Taxi Sandra
Cavendish Chemical Supply
La Rapide
Red Flower
Corpse Maker
Casualties and losses
all of them


The runners threaten a logistics manager of Cavendish Chemical Supply in order to use his information to steal chemicals for a researcher who wants to make vampires fertile again.


Sabrin Leng is doing research to make vampires capable of procreation again. Wouldn't it be great to have little vampire babies? Unfortunately, she needs a rather smelly chemical that is not so easy to come by right now. So she decides to hire runners to steal the chemical from Cavendish Chemical Supply.

The Meet

The meeting will take place in an office building that includes several smaller corporate offices in Bellvue. The runners arrive on time. Sabrin sips blood from a glass with relish, making her vampire state quite obvious. She explains to the runners what she wants and after adding a discount for Bioware to her original offer, the runners agree to get the chemical for Sabrin.

The Plan

The runners move to the Bellevue Poor House to confer. While La Rapide searches the matrix for information on Cavendish Chemical Supply and the Bellvue plant, Red and Corpse Maker consider the area where the plant is located and how best to get in and out. La Rapide can find a map of the building in the matrix as well as a list of employees. Security is provided by KE (12 hour shift min 3 guards). A dwarf who manages logistics for Cavendish Chemical Supply on site is identified by the runners as a valuable target for information. So they pay the dwarf a visit and intimidate him so that they can hold him captive in a Save house nearby and get the information about access code and how to get the chemical. To ensure the removal of the chemical, Taxi Sandra is called and hired.

The Run

The team goes on site and assesses the situation. Then decide to enter through the fence at the back (which Corpse Maker simply tears open) and take out the guards and dogs as quickly as possible (and preferably without dead guards). The team succeeds in a short battle to eliminate all guards and dogs - unfortunately not without losses among the guards. Afterwards the gate can be opened with the code of the dwarf manager and the chemical can be delivered with an automatic system. Corpse Maker unceremoniously carries the barrel into Sandra's Roadmaster and the runners are already on their way out before reinforcements can arrive. Thanks to Sandra's driving skills, there are no further incidents while driving and the chemical can be delivered to the J.




  • 12000 Nuyen or 24k Nuyen in gear Rewards - 12 RVP
  • 2 Karma - 2 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • Gear Rewards: Bioware A18 or lower. Lifestyle costs if you're a vampire/banshee.
  • Optional Contact: Sabrin Leng (5/2) 6 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Red Flower

After interrogating the manager, the job was quite simple. Just overpower the guards, take out the chemicals and transport them away. Sandra is simply a great driver. La Rapide batet me a little too willingly in the blood no idea what demons plague them. Corpsy is damn strong for such a small portion you should remember. Somehow the kami was better than usual on this mission I should use it more often.