Piracy! On The High Seas!

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Piracy! On The High Seas!
LocationThe high Seas !
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The French govt on behalf of SK
La Rapide
3 Sailors
Segfault and her team


In which our team gets employed by a team of pirates to steal from a Cargo Ship, and get into shenanigans.


The Meet

On their way to the meet, babylon has to go to a parole meeting with Charles, her parole officer. Charles is suspicious of her activities and so, he decide to track her thanks to a stealth tag on her bike. Once out of their meet, babylon made her way to a bar styled after pirates, where she will join the team in negotiations. They start talking about the run when Charles barges in trying to see what Babylon was up to, she bluffed with the help of Sp4rks that she was playing Assault rifles and Accountants with a pirate theme. This seem to work as Sp4rks tracks Charles commlink as it leaves and goes to a motel room. After, Sp4rks sees a stealth tag on babylon while she implies to him that she is his mistress.

The negotiations ends and Babylon goes to the very motel Charles is at with the J for a night of fun, before going to yet another meeting with him the next day. Sp4rks during the night makes searches on the matrix to learn more about the target, he learns that it is a ship from the French government moving stuff on behalf of SK, he tries to gather more info but finds himself in front of SegFault, a Technomancer that he met and defeated before. They start a short matrix altercation followed by an exchange, summing up to "i respect you and thus will not raise the alarm if you leave now" which Sp4rks did, more out of surprise of the possibility than real risk.

The Plan

To get on the boat, the team opt to take the ship of the pirates, get on board and use the on board crane to extract the desired cargo container

The Run

Once near the Cargo ship, Babylon oversummons a water spirit and orders it to reate a climatic accident, which he proceeds to do causing a huge whirlpool to form between the team's ship and the target. Not ones to back down from a challenge, the pirates decided to ram the cargo ship with their own, using the momentum acquired by skimming the whirlpool ! Succesfully doing so, they slam at full force against the cargo ship, knocking off most of them off their feets. Quickly, the team started boarding the cargo ship and a fight ensued between the team, the ship's sailors and Segfault's team.

The fight ended up throwing most sailors overboard and immobilizing SegFault and her archer comrade, Ballista, thanks to La Rapide's nerve strikes. Segfault asks Sp4rks why he is not selling out to SK, as his life could be so much better there, to which he explained that he just can't work for those that back stabbed his country and forced it to ratify the BRAs. He then got to the control center and used the crane to move the cargo container they were looking for, making numerous others fall to the sea by accident.

Still, the team got what they came from and made their way back to shore, where they got paid and could return to their "normal" lives.



  • Foci, Reagents, Lodge Materials, Commlinks, Electronics Equipment, Software, etc. up to 18 availability: 32k nuyen
  • 8 karma
  • 2 CDP Holly Rogers And Crew (Connection 5) At Loyalty 3 (7 RVP) as an option out of rewards
  • Babylon only: Holly Rogers And Crew (Connection 5) At Loyalty 4 (8 RVP) instead as an option

NOTE: If you take foci off of this, THEY CANNOT BE UPGRADED

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

La Rapide

Those pirates are fucking mad! Using the whirlpool as a booster and ramming the ship! I really thought that the hit with the ship will be worse but it went fine. Engage by swinging in and getting artillery support via cannon is one of the best things I've done in a long time. And those cyber people never get that their frail little bodies can just stop doing things when you know how. Always a good time to see the horror in their eyes when they realise what just happened. I also have to get one of those T-Shirt Cannons. They seam to be rather effective at nocking things down.


Woo, pirates are awesome! That Holly chick was a great time, and her crew weren't bad either - crazy fraggers steered into the whirlpool like it was some action trid. Plus I got to fire a cannon, which was pretty cool. I dunno who those omaes on the boat were, but Sp4rks seemed familiar with them and told us to leave them alive, and I figure I owe him that much (even if that troll shot fragging balista bolts at me). I'll have to try my hand at this sort of thing again sometime; for now I'm gonna go spend some more time with Holly and figure out how to get Charles off my damn back.