Operation Amethyst

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Operation Amethyst
GMZerre de Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Unknown Clandestine Group, Likely special forces
La Rapide
Casualties and losses
Bannerette and Sasha were both severely wounded but survived 1 fire spirit and 3 Enemy Combatants disrupted/downed, one wounded


In progress AAR


Commander, of N-51, needed an emergency run to extract an operative that had been discovered. It was urgent enough that he used the matrix to post the job, and only an hour's notice was given for the meet.

The Meet

The meet took place at some docks in Everett, and Commander + Friends were there in the usual clandestine fashion. Commander rolled up in a car and gave a paper briefing, La Rapide exchanged some words with him, some extra details were given, and the run was on.

The Plan

The plan was simple, get the extraction target from the safehouse to the base in one piece. The safehouse was located in downtown, and the base was in the redmond barrens. It was unknown exactly who was pursuing the operative, but what was certain was that time was short. The plan was executed immediately.

The Run

La Rapide left to retrieve some gear from home while Bannerette and Sasha proceeded to the safehouse, only to find that an explosion had gone off and a patrol car was already present at the scene. Sasha hung back while Bannerette circled around and entered the house from the backyard. She noticed and defused a proximity mine at the back entrance and proceeded to search the house for signs of what happened and where the operative might be. She came across a locked door, and waited without being spotted for La Rapide to arrive to help break the lock open. The made it into the basement, and used some radio equipment they found there to contact the operative with the given codeword. The got their location, and moved to extract without the police noticing them at the scene.

They proceeded to a no-tell motel in a low security zone in downtown seattle. The operative was there in one of the rooms, but as La Rapide began to approach she noticed an opposing team of special forces getting ready to make their own move. Sasha and Bannerette werent fast enough to get him out of the room before they were spotted, and a firefight began. Explosive ammo ripped through the air, and melee fighters close the distance, and the opposition was pushed from the alleyway behind the motel and into the parking lot. In the midst of the fighting, the extraction target made a break for the vehicle and sasha went down to opposing fire. Though they tried to pull away, Bannerette lost her head and went in for the kill, and ended up with a sniper round in her chest. La Rapide and the operative, now armed, managed to lay down enough fire to pull both Sasha and Bannerette into an escape vehicle and move to the N-51 base.


Sasha and Bannerette were both given medical care at the base, and though in rough shape, collected their rewards along with La Rapide. Both the commander and La Rapide were thanked for their help in saving their teammates lives, and a generous reward for their services in the form of nuyen and military gear was given.


$30,000 nuyen less various military hardware and Breaking+Entering Gear. Bannerette took a missile launcher and some missiles for it, while Sasha took a maglock passkey, some armor, and an RPC cloak.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I almost bought it on this job. I let the action get to my head, and got greedy. I would have walked away clean, but instead I ended up with a nice scar in my chest. If La Rapide and that operative hadn't pulled me out, I'd be toast right now. I owe them more than 1 for that... Just yesterday I was thinking "It can be dangerous to let things go to your head on the job" and here I am for the second time this year with a bullet wound. The first cost my career in the marines, and this one almost cost me my life. I need to work on my issues here, because next time I might not be so lucky. Besides that I got caught with my pants down, missing gear I needed to get through a door. The run was a success, but it's hard to call it a win for me. I won't be so careless next time, that's for sure.


"I thought I was untouchable and rushed into a whole squad of enemies headfirst and ate dirt for it... Automatic rifles are so unfair! How could they unload on a cute girl like me? Lead doesn't even taste good and now I've got these ugly scars. Heartless! Guess I owe Raps one for bailing me out now. I've certainly learned my lesson though: I'll be prepared with a suit of full body armor next time. Come get it, bitches!"

la Rapide

Why do I have to work with these adrenaline junkies two days in a fucking row? Like seriously, first one of them rushes around the corner, into 5 enemies without any backup from us, and then the other one fucking goes on the chase! They're both so lucky that it probably would have made the rounds in the shadows if two of my teammates just disappear. Would rather not have any rumors, about what happened to them, float around. Well, next time I'll just let them die... or not, depending on my mood.