A Very Unsuccessful Assassination

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A Very Unsuccessful Assassination
LocationSalish-Shidhe Council
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
The Night Throne
la Rapide Mateo Rodríguez


“Hey u. No fight. Lie.”



Mateo Rodríguez is a Vampire working for Atztechnology, who has recently made an effort to build connections in the local infected community. Amelie feels threatened by that and wants him dead, and now, that he is on a vacation trip in the SSH mountains, is the perfect time for that.

The Meet

Amelie calls la Rapide early in the night and asks her to meet her at the nightclub, she got a job. It's the first time since the incident with the Vatican Hunter that they talk to one another, so the atmosphere is a bit chilly. Raps makes herself ready and heads down into Redmoon to the Underworld. She skips the small line and gets lead into the lower levels. Amelie is waiting behind a desk, her brother silently sitting in the corner. After a bit of silence, Amelie asks her why la Rapide never actually joined her but always kept herself excluded, even though she's been working for her ever since Amelie came to Seattle. Her honest answer to that is that she wanted to remain relatively independent, so joining her was never an option and will never be one either. Amelie tells her that while that is unfortunate, this distance does have an advantage: she is a deniable asset. She gives her the files about a certain Mateo Rodríguez, Atztechnology Vampire who is currently on a small trip, who she wants dead. In return, Raps would get access to the Throne's blood supply, 10k, and her goodwill. Raps takes the job and the blood that's offered to her on the way out.

The Plan

First Raps asks D'Auriel Peirson if the smuggler can get her into the SSH mountains and out again, ideally unnoticed. The answer is yes if she can put up 4k, which Raps manages to haggle down to 1k up from and 3k after the payday. Then she checks on her comlink where he might be, but only manages to find a fairly large camping resort where he might be, so she goes looking for her decker friend. She finds Emelie in a techno club in Renton on the dancefloor. After getting her attention the two head out to an ally to talk properly. Raps explains to her that she needs to find someone and hand her the files, so she can do her matrix witchcraft. Emelie of cause asks for something in return, so Raps tells her about the Deus fragment she encountered in 404 Error. Emelie is satisfied and sends her the results not long after. Rodrigues, a full magician, Aztech vampire, went to an extraterritorial Aztech property in the SSH. Where exactly he resides there she wasn't able to find out. That about sets the plan: fly there, wing it, fly back.

The Run

The flight goes smoothly, and Raps gets on the ground near the extraterritorial land. The ground is covered in snow and the air is cold. Everything is silent and she got a long hike in front of her. After about an hour she reaches the border, thankfully there are only a couple of signs and no actual obstacle. A while later she finds wolf trails and then a road. After following the road for a while she finds a small path that leaves off of it but decides to walk the road to the end. There she finds a small camp, but not her target, so she turns around and walks the path from earlier. By now she's beginning to feel the cold through her thick winter jacket and FBA so she has to hurry a bit more. Sometime later she spots two wolf spirits on the path. They don't seem hostile towards her but are certainly wary. When she continues they follow her, right upon the clearing where her target is meditation in the snow, to his feet another wolf spirit. He seemingly hasn't noticed her yet, she sneaks around him, and thinks about her best way to go about the assassination. He interrupts her by telling her that he was able to smell her when she entered the clearing. He correctly guesses her name on the second try and tells her that there is more than one solution to this situation. Raps decide to not attack for now, and instead, listen to what he has to offer as an alternative. He offers to act as her fixer and contact into Aztechnology, which might allow her a career after running and a life back in France if she so wishes. Even though she has no intention to seek employment she still takes the deal to keep her options open. They go into his small shack and he compiles her a datachip which she can give to Amelie so the cover story of she nearly got him but he narrowly escaped works well. After a long walk back to the landing zone, this time with the two wolf spirits, she flies back to Seattle and meets Amelie. She is disappointed but buys the story that Raps did her best in the trap that was set up, and still gives her the rewards.



Amelie cuts la Rapide into the Night Throne blood supply (2 karma towards lifestyle cost reduction - 2 RVP)

10000 Nuyen - 5 RVP

Mateo Rodríguez as a 6/2 contact - (7 RVP)

2 Karma - 2 RVP


IG 4 discount

Paid off Chip On Amelie

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (pAARs)

la Rapide

That feeling when I decided to trick Amelie and take the offer. It was like being watched closely by someone. And then the next day when I went to bed and walked into the forest there was another one. Pitch black fur drowned in blood, bite marks on the leg, and a scar across his eye. The Quisling, he has slain his former partner to join my pack. There is loyalty in this world, but only a fool looks for it beyond those that are closest to them.