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404 Error
Part of Deus Machina
LocationRedmond, on the 202
Factions Involved
Woman From Another Place
Wild Bull
Janitor Dan
La Rapide


Gathered on short notice, a team of runners interrupts a 404 transport, using an illusion and brute force to wipe out the 404s and recover a powerful AI, stored in a wireless-off advanced box.


The criminal 404s seem to be gathering odd bits of tech, bringing them through the I-90 into Redmond to evade KE. Spider has a line on their next move, but can't assist personally thanks to legal issues surrounding the death of her father.

The Meet

The meet took place on the matrix, as Spider's persona frightened Howler significantly. As Spider was preoccupied by the legal proceedings following her father's death, she required assistance intercepting the 404s, who were shipping unknown materials through the 202 and Redmond Fall City. While some members of the team (in particular the Woman From Another Place) were apprehensive about the potential of encountering a Deus fragment, they accepted the job in exchange for an unknown, but assured, payday.

The Plan

Working La Rapide's contact King HumungaMax, the team gathered themselves near the 202. They schemed to use an illusion from Howler to slow their vehicle down, then attack it with overwhelming force.

The Run

While the 404s' rigger attempts a few unexpected stunts, Janitor Dan uses his van and successfully slows them down enough to disable their hatchback, and the team piles on as Elsewhere tackles their decker. While the 404s do their best, eventually a grenade from Wild Bull disables their main force, and their toothy drones fail to accomplish much before being completely destroyed. La Rapide braves the burning wreck to recover the 404's cargo, a mysterious box. Concerned that the 404s might have sent a distress signal before the battle broke out, the team makes a hasty exit.


While a little too anxious to get to work on the box at the scene, given the likelihood that it contains a powerful and dangerous AI, the team bring it to Spider's place and the Woman From Another Place uses some of her tools to investigate it's inside. Frightened and put off by the Deus-esque 'Architect' AI that inhabits it, she leaves quickly, and the team informs Spider. As soon as Spider returns from her engagement and pays up (¥8K each, from her late father), the team quickly leaves.


¥8,000 / 12 Karma / 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Woman From Another Place / Elsewhere

...As clean as that job went, there's a foreboding air to this whole situation. A Deus fragment... The 404s must see something that I yet have not. Odd that their matrix support was so light, but it seems they were transporting it in hopeful secrecy.

La Rapide

I'm not familiar with the matrix, but that AI seamed like bad news. And the 404 didn't seam that capable. They went down pretty quick. But I think that meat space isn't their primary thing, so I can't judge.