Tacoma Troubleshooting

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Tacoma Troubleshooting
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Ezekiel Martin
Brass Tacks
La Rapide
Wizard Goon
Gang Leader
Casualties and losses
Goons knocked out but alive, Leader splattered on the wall.


Ezekiel Martin hires the runners to eliminate some competition.


Ezekiel Martin runs a smuggling operation in Tacoma, but lately a gang called the Brass Tacks started muscling in on his business.

The Meet

The runners met Ezekiel Martin in the Smuggler's Inn in Tacoma, Bollwerk and Pell arriving early and having a burger and a sausage roll on Ezekiel Martin's tab. At the appointed time, Ezekiel arrived, giving the rundown on the problem and offering ten thousand nuyen, or twice that in electronics, with an extra four thousand if the grunts were left alive (but specified that he wanted the leader dead), to which Pell negotiated an additional two thousand.

The Plan

The plan was simple: go in, take them out.

The Run

Pell's air spirit scouted the location, discovering a guard and Barghest making one circuit of the warehouse each two minutes. Pell then summoned a beast spirit to control the Barghest and the runners quickly disabled the guard, then Raps cut her way through the door and Saalihah hit the inside of the warehouse with a Napalm prep. The grunts were quickly taken out after much running away from grenades, and then the runners went down into the underground section of the warehouse.

Finding two shielded goons, a mage, and their target, Pell attempted to geek the mage first, but they survived, and the runners had to run from a lightning ball. The goons were defeated quite easily, despite a grenade going off in La Rapide's hand, and their target was splatted accross the wall.


Ezekiel Martin was happy and the runners got paid.


16000 Nuyen or twice in Electronics below avail 18 - 8 RVP

5 Karma - 5 RVP

The usual 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, we kicked the shit out of these gangers, and none of us got that hurt. All in all, a good day.


The idiots had a lot of grenades that they shot at me. They should learn to aim. At least they still have the opportunity to do so. Good payment and there were a bunch of electronics for a bargain price.

la Rapide

One of those easy jobs again. Lots of grenades, not much trouble, decent payment. I would say that this was overall a good afternoon. Now if I just would have been able to keep one of them alive for a snack afterward, but you can't have everything. Truly a sad world we live in.