One Simple Bad Day

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One Simple Bad Day
Status Threat Level: high
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares
La Rapide


In which runners are paid to kill a scientist. During the attack, they learn that he is a bug shaman. He dies.


The Meet

The runners are asked to meet the J at the Deadshot Inc. headquarters, an assassin organization. He tells them that he needs an Ares scientist and his work gone. He will pay 18K for the kill and 32K for the kill and destroyed data.

The Plan

C0FF1N begins by doing a matrix search with Canters assistance. The search eventually leads her to an Ares Host. The decker manages to enter undetected and find two files, labeled "Volunteer List" and "Employee List", with databombs on them. She manages to defuse the first one and reads its contents. It's a list of people being transported to various black sites, under them the mark. Now C0FF1N got the info she came for, but she also spotted a file named "Janitor Report". Grabbed by her curiosity she hack this one open too, getting spotted by the host in the process. Canter jumps in to help the decker and together they get out of the host. Now that they got the address they just decide to drive there.

The Run

Canter drives the team all the way to the black site in the middle of a W-Zone in Snohomish. When they arrive there's only a small cabin at the location. Shortly after the trees begin to speak bullets as the team gets attacked by 4 stationary turrets, but they manage to make very short work out of them. Now, that the alarm got raised in the base, La Rapide can find the hidden entrance in the fireplace of the cabin. As the door opens they can make out a stairwell going down, but the entire thing is filled with FAB I and green poisonous gas. The gas masks and chemseal is enough to avoid harm so they decide to just go in. On the way down the team gets the feeling that someone's watching them. Canter manages to find the literal bug (spirit) hiding in the vent, opening it and tossing a grenade in. The team finds the bug exploded into the next-door room and decides to move on. After a bit of walking, they hear gunshots down the corridor and rush to the location. An Ares scientist hooting with a pistol at 3 bugs is what they find. The team rushes in and kills the two combatant bugs with ice, guns, and machetes while the scientist manages to kill the mage on her own. She says to the team that she's waiting for a SpinRad extraction team and they decide to bring her to the extraction point once their mission is done. As a little thank you the scientist points them to the room the target is hiding in, which they break open with ease. The target is a bug shaman, who Canter shoots in the head before he can begin his big speech. After that the team destroys the data on the servers in the room and leave, drinking the scientist to the SpinRad helicopter.



32k (16 RVP) or Assassin stuff in gear 64k avi 18 and below. Ware,Guns,Drones.Cars, Foci and anything you would think assassins would use.



Handler Johnson 4/2 (5 RVP)

Acnes The Nerd (Spinraid) 3/3 (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, it certainly was something just to headbutt our way through the job, it lacked finesse in execution, but it was made up for in a nice brawl against a horrid enemy, some sort of bug infestated Soldier. We had a nice dance and good help from my team. These bugs seem to become an ever increasing threat. It will be delightfull to free their deranged heads from their bodies.

la Rapide

God damn it, finally a job. How long has it been? Over 3 months? Still not from Amelie, but Fiendest is a really nice girl. I'll have to thank Swerve for setting me up with her.


It's official. I don't like bugs. Yes I know I never liked bugs but now I dislike them even more.