First and Last Time

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First and Last Time
GMEye of the Storm
LocationMarketplace in Redmond
Factions Involved
Chop Shop
La Rapide
Evans Doyle


The Runners are tasked with eliminating a runner wannabe, by Mr. Johnson. He organised a run as a cover story, that involved killing Spikes gangers. The team instead fakes the targets death, welcoming a new Shadowrunner into the fold.


Mr. Johnson was displeased, that her daughter started dating an Oni by the name Marie Yoshiro, a fresh upstart shadowrunner. Mr. J. Planned a run, where a team of runners, plus the target, would need to kill a cell of the Spikes gang, and in the process stage an "Accident", and permanently remove Marie, from the list of issues, he has to deal with.

The Meet

The Team meets Mr. Johnson in a high class Japanese restaurant. They managed to agree on ¥20.000 as a fee for dealing with both the Spikes gangers, and the actual target. He also implied, that the elimination should look like an accident.

The Plan

The team gathered all the info they could find about both the gangers and the target. They Learned, that Marie Yoshiro is from EVO corp background, lost her arms in a car accident (It was implied, that the accident was not so accidental), and got cyber limb replacement. She also started to get close to the Shadows as a recreational therapy. During the Search Turul, along with others voiced his concern about taking out one of their own, so the team decided to measure up Maries character, to see if killing her would be the good thing to do.

The Run

The team met up with Marie Yoshiro, and headed toward the market, where the Spikes gangers were located. During the trip Riot, and the others tried to get to know her better, as a person. Once on site, Turul scouted out the area, and the team entered the fray in a diamond formation. The boss, and two other goons went down with the first volley, and the rest of the targets fell within seconds. During this time, Marie, the target pulled her own weight adamantly, fighting with the others as a true Shadowrunner. Because of this the team decided, to fake her death, and help her start a new life in the shadows. With quick thinking Riot sent her a heads-up DM, then turned her invisible while simultaneously dropping a napalm spell the area with excessive force, and following it up with a second, just to be certain. All of this happening at the same instant, making it seems like, Marie was lost to the inferno without a trace. The group leaves seemingly completed both their tasks.


They drop off Marie, now called Payday, since she survived her baptism by fire into the shadows, and hurry to meet Mr. Johnson. There, Riot and the others played out the con they had agreed on to sell the idea that Marie was dead, without a willingness to accept payment for a job the Johnson doesn't know was not completed. They express their heavy dislike about being lied to, and emphasize, that they will not accept any more work from Mr. Johnson, and they also do not accept payment for Maries head, arguing that it does not sit well with them. Mr. Johnson accepts the terms, pays the team ¥10,000, and the runners leave the restaurant.


  • ¥10,000
  • 10 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

La Rapide

Oh boy, that could have gone wrong for the girl! But she hold her self in the fight, so we couldn't kill a member of the team. That's why she survived. And because of the kindness of my heart... just kidding.


This was novahot! Not only did we but a wrench in the plans of a stuck-up Sarariman, but we helped out someone, and welcomed a new runner into the fold. I live for this drek! We even got paid for this, can ya believe it Chummer?


One of the best parts about having a rep like mine is people tend to expect that if I throw something big at someone, they are dead. The word of the day is "Excessive Force", and as far as our J knew, that's what we used on Payday. We weren't really all that cool with killing her, and had our own reps to consider. So, in the end, it kinda worked out. J thinks Payday was incinerated, Payday was safe inside a small little spot I shaped the spell around, they're officially dead and get to begin their new life. Now all we gotta do is extract Payday's girl once the heat dies down.