Only a job for the Ancients

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Only a job for the Ancients
Part of The Crow of Seattle
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Black Lodge
Eye of the Typhoon
La Rapide
12xAnthro Drones
3xBlack Lodge Member
F9 Spirit of Man
Casualties and losses
2xBlack Lodge Member hijacked
Submersion for Eye of the Typhoon


The Runners are hired in the Matrix by Green Lucifer to kidnap three Black Lodge members and collect Pay Data if necessary. They encounter some drones and manage to capture two of the members. However, the third member is able to escape.


The master shedim who occupies the body of Sharon works his way through the ranks of the Black Lodge, trying to fill as many members as possible with his shedims. He poses as Green Lucifer on the Shadow Haven network to hire some runners to launch a stealth operation against three members of the Black Lodge. If anyone follows up, it will look like the Ancients ordered the attack and Shedim Charon set everything in motion to free the members, who of course are now hosts to Shedim. Since Master Shedim is very cautious, he has some of his subordinates watch the runners in astral space at a safe distance.

The Meet

The meeting will be held in the Matrix on the Shadow Haven host. A Green Devil (supposedly the leader of the Ancients) appears as J. The runners are given the task of kidnapping three members of the Black Lodge and securing Pay Data. The members are supposed to be alive because the Ancients want to find more elf haters. After some negotiation, it is agreed that each kidnapped member and the pay data will be rewarded with 7,000 Nuyen each. The J provides information about the meeting of the three members as well as the location - he also mentions an automatic defense with drones. Everything else the runners must find out themselves.

The Plan

Typhoon searches the matrix for location information and can organize the Mantion's construction plans. She also penetrates the host of the Mantion, which leads to some information about the electronic security measures, especially the drones used and their armament. The team then sets off for the phyical reconnaissance with Shy and Boombox sneaking on site but being discovered by a spell. The drones can't find the runners, but are repeatedly guided to the runners' location, which ultimately leads to the runners' retreat. Raps gets an overview of the estate from the air via a FlySpy drone. Typhoon can also determine the exact room of the meeting in the Mansion. The team decides to attack via two directions. Shy is to climb onto a balcony while the rest of the team uses a back door. In order to be protected from the spell, the Runners go together first, since La Rapide promises a little more protection from the spell.

The Run

Shy is able to get to the balcony undetected and waits for the rest of the team, which also has the narcotics with them to overpower the meeting participants. Unfortunately, they fail to take a look into the ballroom, which would have revealed that there are currently only two participants and not three. The owner of Matino is currently still in his office to make an important phone call. The other runners advance via the lower entrance door. They are protected by an anti-noise spell and can also detect a security sensor on the door in time and bypass it thanks to Typhoon. They cleverly avoid the drones in the house and get to a staircase meant for servants that leads to the ballroom. La Rapide drops her anti-noise spell. Shy checks with the autolocker if the door is locked. However, the noise is heard by one of the participants and she calls everyone's attention to it. The spirit present (a Spirit of Man stuck in a Plaststeel body) opens the door and a fight breaks out between the Runners, the spirit and the two participants of the meeting. The runners are able to overpower the participants but the third person tries to escape in a car. Shy manages to knock out the car, but the third person is able to hide in a corn field and calls for help from ghosts he had sent out for a mission. When the ghosts arrive they are chased away by some shadowy shadows. The runners are unable to find the third person. They flee with the hostages and contact their J who gives them a handover location. They find no one there but a room to lock up the prisoners and some credsticks with their payment.


The third person is pursued by the Shedim and captured as well. The master Shedim can continue to rise in the organization and gather more supporters around him.


  • 3000 Nuyen Negotiation Money
  • 18.000 Nuyen (9 RVP)
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • counts as Submersion for Eye of the Typhoon


Eye of the Typhoon:

  • Trust Data, not Lore (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well an easy day...Those guys from the Black Lodge should really check their windows...Long time i did walk unscattered from a run.