A Shadowrun Based on Can't Cheat Death by The Ballroom Thieves

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A Shadowrun Based on Can't Cheat Death by The Ballroom Thieves
GMDr Burst
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Fear the Dark Night Light Society
The Incredible Behemoth
la Rapide
Janelle Ellis
Hunter Squad
Casualties and losses
Local Fear the Dark Cell 9 Hunters


In which the runners get hired to destroy a Fear the Dark opperation.


Fear the Dark has built up a local cell in Seattle, to spread terror and fear throughout the city. One of their projects is a new group called the Masquerade, which strives to infect as many people as possible. This caught the attention of the Night Light Society, an organization of highly skilled hunters that strive to fight against Fear the Dark and the monsters that are in it. They recently moved to Seattle to follow the trails the Fear the Dark cell left, and are now hunting vampires and other infected whenever they get one reported over social media.

The Meet

The runners get a job offer and a meeting place in a Tourisvile Bar, arriving there they are greeted by 3 pretty obvious Vampires and a barkeeper. Once they sit down one of the vampires addresses them. They have been recently infected and forced to train and do horrible things. They thankfully could flee and now they scraped together all they had left, 2k for each of the runners, to kill the vampire leader of the group that did this to them and many others. The team agrees to take the job and gets the credsticks, as a group of people straight from a western enters the bar. La Rapide immediately recognizes them as the Nightlight Society but manages to remain calm for the moment. The new arrivals pay the barkeeper to leave and lock the door, which he accepts. Then the leader of the group sits down and tries to convince Behemoth and Reaper to leave as well, so they can kill the monsters that are threatening the people of the city. But unfortunately for him, the two have already made up their mind and a ready to take the fight. Behemoth takes down the first opponent before he can even react, which causes her to get focused on by the hunters, and finally taken down, but not before she returned the favor to multiple of the hunters. La Rapide tries to get her back into the fight by stimpatching her, but during the time it takes for her to wake up again, Reaper, unfortunately, goes down as well. Reaper did manage to suplex one of the hunters into the table, and to work on multiple of the other remaining Hunters with her claws, but she has to pay the price for it as she goes down with a knife in her throat. One of the Vampires jumps into combat, as she fires at the Hunters with her rifle so that she and La Rapide can hold the remaining 3 Hunters just long enough busy for Behemoth to get up and finish the fight. Thankfully there is a ((medic faction)) medic nearby to drive the bleeding out Reaper and the severely wounded Behemoth to their nearest hospital, while La Rapide calls Amelie and Jean-Baptiste so she can drop the 3 Vampires off somewhere save for now.

The Plan

While Behemoth and Reaper were recovering from the fight in the ((medic faction)) camp, La Rapide uses the time she got to call Amelie and Jean-Baptiste and searches for Emelie to get more information on the Masquerade. Emelie finds out that they will do a "recruitment surge" in a couple of days, where they go into the Redmoon Barrens and infect about a hundred new people. This information puts dealing with the Masquerade on the top priority, and they push back the plan to get medical supplies for now. When Behemoth gets out of the hospital the two of them move to do physical recognizance on the Masquerade for a couple of days. Their hideout is an old abandoned wedding villa in the Barrens, where the leader of the operation resides with his higher members and about 20 "recruits". They can observe how Vampires get buried alive in a sort of minefield around the estate, and "recruits" get physically abused in training to force the expression of regeneration faster. They decide to get Emelie to disable the "mines" during the day and then rush in when most will be asleep, as soon as Reaper gets out of hospital again.

The Run

As Reaper arrives with her gear at the lookout post, La Rapide tells Emelie to disable the minefield. The vampire decker manages to disable about half of the vampire mines before getting spotted by the opposing decker, which leaves an attack Vector open for the trio. They Sneak in, and both Reaper and Behemoth each take out one of the non-Infected Guards standing at the veranda's edge in one go. La Rapide Daches over to the other two guards which are quickly taken care of once Reaper gets permission to go loud. To get into the building Behemoth "opens" the front door and quickly goes to do the same with the wall leading into the coffin chamber of the higher circle, while Reaper waits outside to lay down suppressive fire through the window. As soon as combat begins and the adrenalin starts pumping, La Rapide is weighed down by the memories of her past, and she becomes slow and ineffective. Reaper and Behemoth reduce the leader and his higher-ups to vampire pulp, often even before they can get up from the coffins. Things get spicy when all the remaining Vampires concentrate their fire on Reaper, but that's nothing the two can't solve. The leaders are history just a mere seconds after they move into the room. Meanwhile, the recruits have woken up and there are about 15 Vampires in the lobby, which La Rapide tries to convince into not helping their leaders, and surrendering. Failing miserably at intermetahuman interactions while being haunted by her past the Vampires open fire upon the unknown to them, Banshee. The rain of bullets is enough to send her bleeding heavily to the ground, but the virus won't let her rest for long. The recruit leader wants to sway her over once he sees that she's one of them, but she quickly refuses the deal with a frag grenade, sending out a good portion of the group, and making the rest surrender.

((Most of the following didn't happen on the table, so this is just my proposal to round up the run. If you got anything you wanna change let me know, Aurora and Maly. Especially regarding the surviving recruits.))

Once the recruits are temporarily taken care of, they search the place and find out about the new Fear the Dark cell in Seattle, and their Hideout. They decide the best way to handle it is to tell the Nightlight Society to raid the place, so they contact them over social media and pass over enough information to get the ball rolling. After that they watch the resulting chaos from a safe distance, to ensure that the Hunters win this fight. Everything goes smooth and the Seattle Fear the Dark cell is dead, for now.


Behemoth and Reaper let La Rapide take care of the surviving recruits, whatever that means to her. ((if that's what you want. I think someone said something in that direction at the table, but if you would rather something else happen, then we can of cause do that.))


2k nuyen

15 karma

Janelle Ellis (Connection 1) at Loyalty 5

+2 Seattle Vampires Rep

-50 Night Light Society Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

la Rapide

That was... something. First the attack by the hunters during the meeting, then killing the higher-ups of that operation, and finally letting the hunters loose on Fear the Dark... Next time I can't let my emotions get the better of me. Once the onslaught began I wasn't able to do anything really. If I can't control it then I'll have to pay the price for it sooner or later... But now I need to figure out what to do with all the recruits. I can't just let them go, they will just cause problems. I can't just kill them, already told Swerve about them... fuck, shouldn't have done that. Well, I guess that only leaves one way to go, get them straight in the head again and see how it goes from there. But how do I make sure they won't run away? Mhm, maybe I could put a tag in them? Yeah, that should work fine, would allow me to solve the problem more easily if they become one.