The N-51 Unification Treaty

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The N-51 Unification Treaty
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Saeder Krupp
SK Spec Ops
Amrei Veidt
Casualties and losses
None Small Spec Ops team


N-51 was having a conflict in leadership and needed some mediation, and SK tried to take advantage of the situation


There was previously an operation in boston, during the lockdown, in which N-51 took many casualyies. This was hard for the leaders, who were upset at the massive losses. The organization was also affected by the conditions of the area. The disagreement that needs mediation is Commander wants to stay more clandestine and does not care about the rules of engagement, and Le Bourguinion wants to become more like mercenaries and does care.

The Meet

The meet went as clandestine operations often do, in a quiet area with plenty of security. Bannerette, however, managed to spot someone spying on the meeting under an RPC cloak and informed Commander.

The Plan

The plan was to help N-51 reunite by making an acceptable compromise between Commander and Le Bourguinion.

The Run

As the team worked at hammering out a compromise, Bannerette got a mysterious text message which Hextech helped to track. It later turned out to be from SK, who wanted the runners to betray N-51. They instead warned Etrius, a former operative who had been compromised by SK's efforts, and worked with N-51 to set up an ambush for SK.


N-51 was reunited against the two leader's common enemy, and agreed to a compromise.


Run Reward for "The N-51 Unification Treaty"
16000k or double that in Military/B&E gear (8 RVP)
8 Karma (8 RVP)
+10 Rep with the N-51
-5 Rep with SK

Group wide :
The N-51 will provide support to the West Coast Monolith (help will get them to maintaining health level)

Commander 2/3 (4 RVP)
Le Bourguinion 3/3 (5 RVP)
Etrius's team 2/2 (3 RVP) (need to make contact page)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It was nice seeing N-51 again, I havent worked with them in a long time. I can't say I blame anyone for coming into conflict, and with military experience myself I can kinda see both sides of things. Shame about Saeder Krupp getting involved, though. I hope Amrei doesn't end up burning me but you can't just expect someone to stab their employer in the back for cash, especially when there isnt even a fixer. SK definitely should have known it would end poorly for them. Such is life in the shadows, though.


I do not approve of clandestine groups that think they can just ignore basic code of conduct when it suits them. It's especially when you're working outside the law that personal rules and codes become the most crucial aspects of your operation. I hope that the Frenchies manage to keep their heads above the water when it comes to such behavior in the future. They've added themselves to the Monolith's logistics network; I'd hate to have to remove them from it.