Indulgence for the 14th of September

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Indulgence for the 14th of September
Part of Temple in the Shadows
LocationSeattle, Redmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses


N-51 Hired the team to find a couple of missing troopers and gather some intel on local 162's ghouls.


The Meet

The team meets up outside of a makeshift field hospital. The local commander briefed the team on the job. A pretty simple gig, locate a missing patrol and gather some intel on the ghouls location in preparation for a raid. The team was completely onboard with the job but the warnings of ghoul infection prompted Lumina to negotiate for some chemsealed FBA. The commander produced two sets which Nu11st@ck and Lumina gladly took. As the meet started to wrap up a soldier approached with a local elf woman reporting a her husband missing. The command asked the team to search for the missing elf as well. The team asked for the commlink # of the elf, and noticed that all of the N-51 members were matrix dark and seemed to rely on low tech radio equipment.

The Plan

Try and trace the missing Elf's commlink and follow it to the ghouls, rescuing them might lead to the remaining intel.

The Run

Nu11st@ck was able to perform some matrix searches to locate the last pinged location of the Elf's commlink, the location was close to the last knows location of the lost patrol. The team piled into Nu11's APC and headed to the location, a dead road outside of a stuffershack. Nu11st@ck and Cyberfang investigated the area for evidence. Nu11st@ck located a needle casting presumed to be the vehicle used to capture the Elf and Cyberfang was able to sniff out the residue of burnt electronics. Marionette sheepishly picked up the needle and began to read its aura. A vivid vision of the elf being knocked out and loaded into a van gave the team its next lead. In order to get more reliable intel Nu11st@ck hacked the local stuffershack and pulled its camera feed. The feed picked up a GMC Bulldog flying 162's colors heading off further away from the meet location. The chase was on. The team continued to track the scent of burnt radio equipment in order to track the truck, eventually tracking it to a convivence store deeper into the barrens. Nu11st@ck jumped into his flyspy and checked the place out. Inside the team found approximately 5 ghouls who appeared to be running a butcher shop for metahuman meat. Also inside a wounded patrol officer and the missing elf. The elf nearly prepared for butchering. The team quickly moved into breaching position.

Cyberfang knocked on the door until ghoul let him in thinking he wanted to buy some meat. The moment the door opened Cyberfang stuck liquifying the first ghoul. I very gory fight ensued, Lumina carving bodies with claws, Marionette decimating foes with blade and pistol and Cyberfang cleaving bodies in 2. The fight lasted less than a round.


Despite the blood of the maimed ghouls collecting on the walls, both the elf and soldier managed to remain uninfected. The team likewise thanks to chemsealing. The team evacuated both hostages, collected some commlinks from the bodies, burnt the building to the ground, and returned to the commander. Once on site the N-51's decontaminated everyone and Nu11st@ck hacked the commlinks, discovering a treasure trove of ghouls frequenting the butcher shop. All the info was turned over to the command and the run completed. While payment was being distributed the team noticed an onlooker in the distance, Father Uriel.


16k nuyens or twice the amount in military hardware up to avail 19(8 RVP)

6 Karma (6 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

+5 N-51 Rep

-10 162's

For Lumina and Nullst@ck :

Full Body Armor + Full Body Helmet

Mod : Chemseal, attachable gear access & drag handle

Optional Contact :

Commander (2/3) (4 RVP)

For Marionette due to faction :

Father Uriel (5/1) (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Lumina: "Another journey through Sophocles. That place seems to be having a lot of attention lately. This time, ghouls were in the picture. Ganger ghouls from the 162s were harassing mercenaries from the N-51. We were tasked to get intel on the Ghoul activity, and rescue two captives along the way. Dealing with ghouls can be an extreme risk due to the infection they can unleash upon you. Thankfully, we had a group that was well suited for the task, minimizing the risk of infection significantly. Luckily, the two captives we rescued weren't infected either. We got to them in time before anything shady happened. We dispatched the ghouls in the way, got the captives back to safety, and got the intel we needed."

Nu11st@ck: "Well... That was an interesting one. I don't get many jobs dealing with ghouls, maybe I should get some more. Those barbarians are pulling people off the street and carving them up alive. Even elves dont deserve that kind of treatment..We were able to track down a group of them who it turns out we're selling body parts all over the barrens. Some N-51 troopers offered us a sweet gig. Access to our pick of mill grade gear and plenty of it. A sweet payday a nice feeling helping out some poor fools caught int the crossfire, what's not to love. World seems after 6 ghouls dead and plenty more once N-51 acts out the Intel we found, I'll sleep safer tonight.

Cyberfang - I expected for others to treat me with caution. In this case, it appears that the choice was wise; this job just had to arrive at the peak of my lunar cycle. Some of this work is a haze; I can only replay the image link's footage and know fully well what happened. Regardless, despite the mess I made those who were taken alive are safe. That is a good ending to a story; and my undercoat needs a good washing.