The Dragon strike Back

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The Dragon strike Back
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Mercenary sent by SK
Frag Face
Katherine Tyler
9 Troopers
1 Team Leader
4 Special Operative
Casualties and losses
Losses among the N-51 Operative All killed. Hank has been turned to the N-51 and later recruited given his ability to survive.


The N-51 called runners in for a routine mission. But as the runner team arrive they and get briefed they come under a surprise attack and are sent in to avoid a strike against a valuable assest of the N-51 in their future planned operation.


After recent event Amrei Veidt got her hand on radio equipment from the N-51, learning of their current action in California and the whereabout of Docter Iagi. She called in mercenary to strike the N-51 installation in Seattle, get Iagi back with the hope that having the N-51 overstreched would lead to an easy operation.

The Meet

The runner are greated by Commander in the usual way, he explain a lot about the current situation and ask if the whole team would be up to help for some routine job for a low payment. But as the meeting came to an end an explosion occured just after one of Hextech Unit informed her than unknown contact were getting close of the perimeter.

The Run

Seattle Outpost was under attack, Commander immediately call for all forces on site to take defensive position, and he ask the runners to help. The team quickly rush out and see that the entrance of the outpost has been blown up and that the N-51 troopers got killed trying to take position. The team is kind of catch off guard as well and several runners don't have their full kit yet. The combat is harsh but the mercenaries are not a big deal for Frag Face and the rest of the team that manage to get rid of them in a pretty short time.

As the ambush dies down Commander come to the team and inform them that the attackers seemed to have access to their communication, accodingly he fear that Doctor Iagi is in danger. With no air asset on standby (everything is in California). Commander is forced to use a commlink and call for Kerrigan to get an airlift for the team. An Ares Dragon show up shortly after and pick the team alongside some N-51 operative that are task to secure a potential landing zone.

The runners are bringed into Everett and dropped on Doctor Iagi balcony. As the team rush inside, the doctor hide behind his couch while the mercenary reach the floor. This little specialised team seems to be lead by a very tall and bulky guy, who sadly get instanly down by a Barrett round from Skimmer. Marionnette on his end throw a grenade inside the stairs where the mercenary were packed as Frag Face decide to save the guy who got by Skimmer because he actually survived ! The grenade explosde and the mercenary are splattered all around.


The helicopter pick the team and the doctor on the roof of the appartment block and everyone get home. Some mercenary are taken prisonners and the Bulky Guy ended up being named Hank. After the landing at Seattle Outpost he is hand over to Commander who offer him to serve since the mercenary left him behind and that Hank was probaby accustomed to Special Operation given the look of highly modified body. Thought the team may have noticed that the Seattle Outpost looked bad and the N-51 again lost some troops. (The N-51 is now Bruised !)


Run Reward for "The Dragon Strike Back"

Basic Reward :

20k nuyens (10 RVP) or 40K in N-51 or UCAS Navy surplus equipment (Include Military weapon, ammo, toxins, explosive and such)

10 Karma (10 RVP) - 10 SK reputation

+20 rep with the N-51


Optionnal :

For Hextech :

Material for a second repeating laser (17 RVP)

For everyone :

Commander (2/4) (5 RVP)

Those who already got Commander can up him to loyalty 5

Hank (1/4) (4 RVP)

For Marionette :

Can upgrade Kerrigan loyalty to 2 (1 RVP)

For Kate :

Spec Mod for the FN HAR (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"First time I've ever shown up to a meet in the Security Armor... I don't know, but something about the setup and the J just screamed no-safe-zone. Not that the ambushing force ever hit me, but you know it's nice when that random lucky shot gets through to have a solid layer of protection. Anyway, with the crew that showed up for the meet, handling the ambush was a piece of cake. And Frag Face was there! And Marionette! Big names on the runner circuit, legendary in FF's concern. Got to run with Kate again, that was a blast. And Hextech was no slouch, with her squad of T-800 killing and support droids. What is the world coming to? Making the extraction with this team was easy as pie, and we managed to deal with the opfor without any issue, collecting the team lead as tribute for the cause. Anyhow, nice running with this group, I would gladly do it again. Things just seem brighter when you have a solid team of runners to support you."